U21 Nordic Tournament: Match Day 2 and 3

My webblogg service has been down for a couple of days, but here's a short recap.

Friday Sweden lost 1-3 to Finland. Madeleine Edlund scored 1-0 for Sweden but after that, in spite of playing good and creating opportunities, they weren't able to score. Finland scored on counters against a swedish defense that seems rather porous.

Sweden's team:  Jenny Olsson (Malmö FF) - Magdalena Esseryd (Sunnanå), Stina Segerström (KIF Örebro), Therése Lückner (QBIK), Maria Karlsson (Kopparbergs/Göteborg) - Emma Stålhammar (Malmö FF, sub 61 Maria Nordbrandt, Umeå), Elin Ekblom (Djurgården/Älvsjö), Nilla Fischer (Malmö FF), Johanna Almgren (Kopparbergs/Göteborg) - Maria Aronsson (Linköping, sub 46 Ann Westermark, Linköping), Madelaine Edlund (Sunnanå, sub 65 Jessica Landström, Hammarby)

The same day Germany played Iceland. Both Erla Arnardóttir (Mallbacken) and Bianca Rech (Sunnanå) played the full match.
Svensk Fotboll

Värmlands Folkblad: Förlust för Sverige

Sunday yet another defeat, 1-2 against England, who had Sven-Göran Eriksson present to provide inspiration. Sweden's goal, as usual by Madeleine Edlund, came as a consolation goal in the second half. U21 head coach Helena Kihlberg Bystedt was very disappointed: "We've never lost more than one match a year in the Nordic Cup before".

Sweden's team: Maja Åström (Djurgården/Älvsjö) - Anna Paulson (Umeå), Stina Segerström (KIF Örebro), Johanna Frisk (Bälinge), Maria Karlsson (Kopparbergs/Göteborg, sub 85 Maria Aronsson, Linköping) - Johanna Almgren (Kopparbergs/Göteborg), Elin Ekblom (Djurgården/Älvsjö), Nilla Fischer (Malmö FF, sub 46 Hodan Siid-Ahmed, AIK), Maria Nordbrandt (Umeå, sub 72 Ann Westermark, Linköping)  - Emma Stålhammar (Malmö FF, sub 72 Magdalena Esseryd, Sunnanå), Jessica Landström (Hammarby, sub 37 Madelaine Edlund, Syunnanå).

Germany lost to USA 1-3 with Bianca Rech playing the full 90 while Erla Arnardóttir's Iceland defeated Denmark 4-2, Erla playing 72 minutes.
Svensk Fotboll
Värmlands Folkblad: "Svennis" såg Sverige falla igen

Västerbottens Folkblad: Ny förlust för U21-damerna


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