European Championships: Player interviews

A lot of articles that is not directly connected to the games in England are found in the papers. Malmö's local paper Sydsvenskan talks to former Malmö FF player Heidi Kackur on why she left Malmö: "Last season was no good. I didn't get along with the coach, we didn't communicate and I didn't get any confidence from him. I had to leave." Getting a full time pro contract with Kopparbergs/Göteborg didn't hurt, though. She also says that the increased number of players playing abroad, particulary in Sweden, is to thank for the improved quality of Finland's national team the last years, culminating in the first ever finnish (men or women) championship finals. "But the swedish players keep taunting us (all group A teams are staying at the same hotel), saying we're just here to learn and will return home after a week."
Sydsvenskan: Flytten från MFF lyfte Kackur

Victoria Svensson talks about big problems handling the intense attention to her person after the 2003 World Cup. "I said yes to almost every proposal from the media and almost burned out". She now has a mental who helps her deal with the pressure of getting football, media and personal life working together. "I am more in control now".
Svenska Dagbladet: VM-succén höll på att knäcka Victoria
Göteborgsposten: Victoria tillbaka på allvar


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