European Championships: Post tournament news and views

The feelings in the team was recognizable - the same numb, empty feeling they've had after a couple of other extra-time defeats (when did a swedish national team last manage to win a match that went on to extra-time??).
Aftonbladet: "Det här gör riktigt ont"
Corren: Gulddrömmen sprack -- Marika i tårar
Dagens Nyheter: Sveriges bästa halvlek räckte inte mot Norge
Dagens Nyheter: Picture show (Flash)
Dagens Nyheter: Hanna Ljungberg: "Tomhet och besvikelse"
Expressen: Marika i tårar efter förlusten

The most common comment from various sports columnists were a relief that the national team managed to finish in an honorable way. The team has been very critisized for their performance in the group matches, but in the semi they showed what they are capable of: "Brilliant football in the first half" is one comment, while Norway's win is called a tactical triumph; they played, in loss for a better word, norwegian - simple, fighting, long balls, fast counters. And, in a reply to some views from norwegian players before the match, another column says: "This team has reached the semifinals in four championships in four years. You don't do that just being lucky."

There seems to be only one point where some are critical, the substitution of Caroline Seger for Frida Östberg at half time. Trying to created something forward exchanged for destructive defense seems to be the general opinion. Personally I can understand the coach's decision - Seger seemed sometimes a liability at midfield, losing the ball from trying to dribble or shortpass instead for taking a more simple approach.

The match is seen as not only Marika Domanski Lyfors farewell, it is also the farewell of the old guard. This in spite of no player (maybe except for Kristin Bengtsson) having said they will retire from the national team, many though have left the question unanswered. Many columnists speculates on what new head coach Thomas Dennerby should do, and maybe mostly how fast he should move in the younger players.
Aftonbladet: De utslagna hjältinnorna
Corren: Utan Seger ingen final
Dagens Nyheter: KRÖNIKAN: Ett bittert slut på en storhetstid
Expressen: Brask: Kurvan pekar neråt - nu får vi se fram mot 2008
Sydsvenskan: En härlig revansch till ingen nytta
Västerbottens Folkblad: Hedern är räddad

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