European Championships: Sweden - Finland pre game

Not only is Finland a side that Sweden is used to meet, half the finnish line-up plays in Damallsvenskan. In Umeå IK alone there are three. "It will be really fun to play them, since we know them so well", says Hanna Marklund. Defender Sara Larsson is not worried: "We've started tournaments much worse than this and still managed to do well" and believes Sweden will defeat both Finland and England.

Richard Holmlund, former Umeå IK coach, is responsible for scouting Finland. "We should win 7 or 8 matches out of 10, but we have to watch out for their central line Valkonen - Mäkinen - Kalmari". Playing fast and wide, keeping the ball on the ground and an agressive preassure seems to be the solution for Sweden, according to Ljungberg, Moström and Törnqvist. And it is 29 years since Finland last defeated Sweden.

There is, unlike the game against Denmark, a certain amount of trash talk, most probably because so many of the players in the opposing teams know each other. So you can find a bit of talk about who's gonna eat who alive, and who's gonna shut whose mouth.

"Losing to Finland isn't even on the map", says Linköping youngsters Josefine Öqvist and Caroline Seger, but continues "God, it would be embarrasing if we lost. We can't go back home if we do."

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