European Championships: Sweden - Finland

Sweden - Finland 0-0 (0-0)
Sweden: Hedvig Lindahl - Kristin Bengtsson, Jane Törnqvist, Hanna Marklund, Sara Larsson - Therese Sjögran (71 Anna Sjöström), Malin Andersson, Malin Moström, Lotta Schelin (56 Josefine Öqvist) - Hanna Ljungberg, Victoria Svensson
Finland: Satu Kunnas - Eveliina Sarapää, Sanna Valkonen, Tiina Salmén, Petra Vaelma - Minna Mustonen (71 Sanna Talonen), Anne Mäkinen, Jessica Julin, Anna-Kaisa Rantanen (90 Sanna Malaska) - Laura Kalmari, Heidi Kackur (46 Jessica Thorn)

No time to comment on this, but God, was it frustrating!

I'll be away for about week again, so no updates for a while. In case anyone would be wondering.

Posted by: Danger Mouse

"I'll be away for about week again, so no updates for a while. In case anyone would be wondering."




2005-06-08 @ 23:11:33
Posted by: orange

AWAY? You mean as in NO BLOGS?
That means I will have to be treated at a walk-in Swedish women's soccer blog withdrawal clinic for a week. Hope I can find one.

2005-06-08 @ 23:24:14
Posted by: secretcode

Away for a week, in the middle of the Euros? A special request then for news updates from Swedish-speaking blog readers, please-- on Thanks.

2005-06-10 @ 16:05:00
Posted by: Jessica

My english is not very good, but I can try to tell the latest.

The media and fans has criticized Sweden after the performance against England. Expressen made a vote were 93% think Norway will win on thursday.
But the players are pretty satisfied with there performance, especially in the defensive.

Josefine Öqvist made a pretty "daring" statement where she said that she would be angry if she didn't play from the beginning against England, and at the same time critized the coach.
After her statement, she regret her comments, and will "watch her tongue" in the future.

Norweigen star, Solveig Gulbrandsen, has made an "attack" against Sweden and said that Sweden just got luck in the latest tournament to get a medal. She means that Sweden has got better drawing than Norway thru all time.

Also pretty new that Jessica Julin has almost decided to leave Umeå after euro (From Vasabladet). Another swedish topclub has contact her, and after euro, she will discuss more with the club. Because she's not satisfied with her situation in Umeå.
But Anna Sjöström has decided to stay in Umeå also 2006.

Posted by: orange

Thank you, Jessica. Your news and your English is welcome anytime.

2005-06-13 @ 22:15:35
Posted by: jocasta

Yes, Dandal, we miss you... you're not in England by any chance?

but thanks Jessica!

2005-06-14 @ 22:04:39
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