Marta highest paid Damallsvenskan player

Umeå IK's brasilian star Marta is Damallsvenskan's highest paid player with, according to media sources, a SEK 50,000 a month net income. Umeå's management denies press information that Marta makes SEK 100,000 a month before taxes, but confirms that she got a raise from last year and has "a very reasonable salary". They refuse to give any figures.

There are approximately 20 full time professionals in Damallsvenskan this season, 11 of the in Umeå. Tabloid Expressen publishes possible wage figures for the national team members, but those are based on the tax returns for 2003. Back then Hanna Ljungberg was the full time professional in Sweden and paid taxes based on a SEK 326,000 income. The other 2003 top earners, Malin Moström and Malin Andersson, both had fairly well paid part-time day jobs.

Västerbottens Folkblad: Arnqvist: Marta tjänar inte 100 000 i månaden
Expressen: Så här mycket tjänar tjejerna

Posted by: orange

Regarding the income, they got money from the Swedish FA after the world cup, so that they could reduce their hours at work to train. Do you know how much the FA gave them, and if it varied for each player?

2005-06-07 @ 18:08:59
Posted by: Dandal

The money came from the swedish Olympic Committee and was paid during the 2004 season. I don't know how much, but let's say it was in tens of thousands per player, not houndreds, and probably didn't vary much.

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