Öqvist and Schelin interviews

Both big tabloids featured a long player interview in their weekend editions. Aftonbladet had a chat with Josefine Öqvist and Expressen with Lotta Schelin. A lot of non-football talk - you learn the name of Josefine's hockeyplaying boyfriend and that she thinks that Fredrik Ljungberg isn't that sexy, but has a good fashion sense, while Lotta reveals that she watches "Desperate Housewives" and is good at whistling. Otherwise Josefine is still disappointed in the minutes she got at the European Championships, but it maybe wasn't such a good idea to go complaining to the press. Lotta tells us that she's had big problems keeping away from the training during her vacation and that she is very pleased with Göteborg's coach Martin Pringle, who has a lot of new ideas and a lot of technical training.

Aftonbladet: ”Jag föredrar manligare killar”
Expressen: Nya stjärnan: ”Jag saknar tjejerna”

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