Swedish Cup: Wins for all Damallsvenskan teams

IF Norvalla - Malmö FF   0-4 (0-3)
Malmö FF: Caroline Jönsson - Malin Andersson (75 Sara Stålhammar), Denise Reddy, Therese Jönsson, Jenny Engwall - Anna Mörstam, Nilla Fischer, Therese Sjögran (60 Mia Westerblad), Emma Stålhammar (75 Malin Levenstad) - Asthildur Helgadottir, Therese Lundin
Goals: 0-1 Malin Andersson (1), 0-2 Therese Lundin (17), 0-3 Therese Sjögran (29), 0-4 Mia Westerblad (69)
Attendance: 675
Malmö opened with a direct corner-kick by Malin Andersson already in the 1st minute against 1st division side Norvalla, but it was noticable that the team hasn't played for more than a month. Both pace and passing were sub-standard. For Norvalla this was the big match of the season and the 675 attanding the game was a record for the club.
Malmö FF
Hallands Nyheter: När idolerna kom till byn

Eskilstuna United - KIF Örebro 1-5 (1-2)
Goals: 0-1 Emilia Eriksson (14), 0-2 Marie Hammarström (19), 1-2 Andrea Comaneci (42 PK), 1-3 Marie Pettersson (86), 1-4 Lisa Dahlqvist (89), 1-5 Marie Hammarström
Attendance: 352
"A great match to get us going again after the long break", says KIF coach Pia Sundhage. Eskilstuna, a 1st divison side, put up a good fight and not until the last minutes did KIF manage to secure their win.
Folket: United pressade KIF Örebro
Nerikes Allehanda: Femetta i cupen av KIF Örebro

Dalsjöfors GoIF - Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC 0-7 (0-1)
Kopparbergs/Göteborg: Maria Edman - Camilla Schelin, Sofia Dammström, Frida Höglund, Marlene Sjöberg - Maria Karlsson, Johanna Almgren, Lisa Ek (55 Sofia Palmqvist), Therese Bjurenlind - Lotta Schelin,   Rebecca Ljungdahl (50 Sofie Andersson)
Goals: 0-1 Therese Bjurenlid (25), 0-2 Lotta Shelin (49), 0-3 Johanna Almgren (66), 0-4 Sofia Andersson (81), 0-5 Camilla Shelin (88), 0-6 Therese Bjurenlid (89), 0-7 Sofia Andersson (90)
Attendance: 327
Göteborg played a high paced game against the 1st division side Dalsjöfors and it made result in the second half.
Borås Tidning: Tack ska ni ha - ses snart
Borås Tidning: Almgren målskytt och bäst på plan

Alviks IK - Umeå IK 0-2 (0-0)
Umeå: Johanna Baecklund - Karolina Westberg, Anna Paulsson, Jessica Julin, Elaine (45 Maria Bergqvist) - Kristina Wiklund, Emelie Konradsson, Johanna Andersson - Maria Nordbrandt, Emma Lindqvist, Marta (45 Anna Sjöström)
Goals: 0-1 Anna Sjöström (82), 0-2 Johanna Andersson (86)
Attendance: 1115
Umeå rested several key players (Moström, Östberg, Ljungberg, Mäkinen, Valkonen) and the record crowd at Alvik could almost feel the taste of an upset, going into the last 10 minutes. But in the end they couldn't keep up with Umeå's pace and strength.
Norrländska Socialdemokraten: Emma bemästrade Umeås orkan Marta
Norrländska Socialdemokraten: Minuter från en bragdmatch
Norrbottens-Kuriren: En smärtsam förlust

EDIT July 2:
Just for statistics nerds like me I've tried to get more information on the Stockholm matches, mostly from unofficial sources, but I presume goalscorers and line-ups are fairly correct:

Sätra SK - Hammarby IF 1-4 (1-2)
Hammarby: Camilla Halonen - Maureen Metzger, Josefin Christensen, Annelie Norén, Tanja Meidal (Lindsay Demaree) - Elin Härén, Christina Forsell, Jennie Jonsson, Lisa Arnell (Sofia Hoflin) - Jessica Landström, Salina Olsson (Hanna Olsson)
Goals: 0-1 Jessica Landström, 1-2 Jessica Landström, 1-3 Lisa Arnell, 1-4 Christina Forsell (PK)
As usual in these matches between Damallsvenskan sides and lower division sides (Sätra is a 3rd division side), the match can be pretty even in the first half, but in the long run the better play and fitness of the premier league side decides the game. Maureen Metzger and Lindsay Demaree are two american college players, that I last noticed on a trial for Hammarby early this spring. Since this was an official competition match I presume they are now signed, even if there has been no announcement from Hammarby.

Vasalund/Essinge IF - Djurgården/Älvsjö 0-8
Djurgården: Jill Buchwald - Sara Thunebro, Jenny Curtsdotter, Therese Brogårde, Helen Fagerstöm - Linda Lekander (76 Ingrid Bohlin), Elin Ekblom, Anna Hall - Marijke Callebaut (56 Venus James), Linda Fagerström, Sara Johansson
Goals: Helén Fagerström, Sara Johansson, Linda Fagerström, Venus James (2), Elin Ekblom (3)
Vasalund/Esinge, one of the top sides in the 1st division, decided to field a mostly reserve side and instead focus on their important games in the league where they are one of the sides competing for promotion to the Damallsvenskan. So even if Djurgården/Älvsjö rested their European Championship players, there was a huge difference in quality.

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