Match-Day 3 - Sunday

Malmö FF - Hammarby IF 6-0 (4-0)
Malmö FF: Caroline Jönsson - Malin Andersson, Denise Reddy, Therese Jönsson, Jenny Engwall - Nilla Fischer, Formiga (76 Anna Mörstam), Therese Sjögran, Emma Stålhammar - Asthildur Helgadottir (60 Mia Westerblad), Therese Lundin (59 Frida Nordin) 
Hammarby IF: Camilla Halonen - Karolina Rinman (15 Karolina Rinman), Josefin Christensen, Annelie Norén, Hanna Olsson - Linda Forsberg, Christina Forssell, Jennie Olsson, Elin Härén (67 Louise Fors) - Salina Olsson, Jessica Landström (81 Lisa Arnell)
Goals: Therese Lundin 1-0 (10), Asthildur Helgadottir 2-0 (26), Therese Lundin3-0 (32), Asthildur Helgadottir 4-0 (45), Formiga 5-0 (56), Frida Nordin 6-0 (90+1)    
Yellow cards:
Attendance: 905
A one-sided game, where almost all of the play was on Hammarby's half of the field. Hammarby's coach En Perlskog said that Malmö, against all predictions, seemes to have their best team in several years. Malmö showed a varied and efficient play with the cooperation between Therese Sjögran and Formiga as their main force. Players and coach alike were extremely pleased with both result and play and coach Anders Johansson mentioned particulary the defense line, reconstructed after national team players Sara Larsson and Karolina Westberg left the club last year.
Sydsvenskan: Malmö FF krossade Hammarby

QBIK - Mallbacken 0-1 (0-0)
Goals: Linda Wallin 0-1 (88)
Yellow cards:
Attendance: 2,618
A defensive, maybe overcautious, approach from both sides, that seemed more bent on not losing than on winning, made for a fairly uneventfull match. Towards the end of the game both sides tried to find more attacking opportunities and shortly before the end Mallabacken substitution Linda Wallin found the goal.

Sunnanå SK - KIF Örebro 3-4 (1-2)
Sunnanå SK:
KIF Örebro:
Goals: Stina Segerström 1-0 (4), Tiffeny Milbrett 1-1 (40), Kate Markgraf 1-2 (42), Kristine Lilly 1-3 (52), Tiffeny Milbrett 2-3 (57), Tiffeny Milbrett 3-3 (78), Lisa Dahlkvist 3-4 (89)
Yellow cards: Sandra Persson KIF Örebro
Attendance: 508
With a 1 degree temperature and snow in the air the conditions for a good game and a big crowd could have been better. KIF Örebro started best, scored from a set piece already after 4 minutes and dominated the midfield play with Mary Frances Monroe playing an essential role. Tiffeny Milbrett and Madeleine Edlund were dangerous in Sunnanå's attack, but Örebro's defense managed to contain them most of the time. Örebro's two first goals came off set pieces where Sunnanå's defense should have been better marking. In the second half Sunnanå started to play wider and getting crosses in behind Örebro's defense line. This worked out and when the game reached a 3-3, after a Tiffeny Milbrett hat trick draw in would not have been an unfair result. But Örebro's youngster Lisa Dahlqvist headed in the last goal from a corner kick.
Local paper Norra Västerbotten did their usual online play by play, you can find it here.

Match-day sum-up at and Svensk Fotboll, stats also at Svensk Fotboll.


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