QBIK signs Jennifer Meier

QBIK has signed german attacking midfielder Jennifer Meier for the rest of the 2005 season. The club is certain that Meier, with 9 caps for Germany and experience from both WUSA and the german Bundesliga, will make a major contribution. Even if they turned down the american trialists Annie and Sarah Hawkins they have not finished looking for new players and expects to sign at least another one.

Dave Mosson, QBIK's coach, talks in a five minute interview with a local TV station about his team and himself. He says that the season so far has been a big learning experience, and that they will do better when the league restarts in July. Jennifer Meier's experience will be a big asset for the club. Mosson, who is a big local profile in football, has never coached a women's side before. He says that at this level the main difference is that for men football is a job while women needs to find other motivation than financial compensation. Team spirit, finding friends and spending time together in the team becomes much more important.

Värmlands Folkblad: Tyska Jennifer Meier skriver på för Qbik
SVT: Dave Mosson interview (Real video, 5 minutes)

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