Thursday match comments

"We did a really good match", says Själevad coach Yngve Persson after the 1-0 defeat to KIF Örebro, "and we managed to keep to our tactics". Their tactics, which included using a five player midfield, seemed to work fairly good against the more experienced KIF örebro. If Kicki Arnlöf's first half shot had hit goal instead of the woodwork the outcome would have been different.
Örnsköldsviks Allehanda: Taktik på pricken – det hjälpte inte Själevad

KIF Örebro coach Pia Sundhage told a local radio station that she was pleased with the win, but not with the play. KIF is one of three teams at the top of the table with the same amount of points, but the two others has scored more than twice as many goals. That, means Sundhage, is what Örebro has to work on..
Radiosporten: Pia Sundhage interview (audio clip)
Nerikes Allehanda: Match pictures

Young midfielder Nilla Fischer dominated as Malmö FF won their third match in a row and moved to the top of the table (on goal difference). Coach Anders Johansson still hasn't changed his top 4 ambitions for the season, but admints it's started really good.
Malmö FF
Malmö FF: Match pictures, and more pictures

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