Training matches April 4-7

Jitex - Vallen 1-0 (1-0)
Jitex: Annika West - Sophia Lindorsson, Amelie Rybeck, Helena Fock, Caroline Lindblad - Ann Johansson (45 Linda Fyhr), Therese Andersson (65 Kajsa Tornfalk), Jennie Svensson, Sofia Skog - Lisa Christensson (Emma Herbring), Therese Björk (65 Therese Bjurenlind)
Goals: 1-0 Therese Andersson (28)
Jitex tried out a 4-5-1 formation, where the wingers were supposed to provide a lone striker, against the 2nd division side Vallens IF. But Vallen defended good and Jitex didn't create much, except for the goal. It worked better after a change to 4-4-2 in halftime and the team created a lot of chances, but no goal.

Kopparbergs/Göteborg - Vallens IF 5-0  (4-0)
Göteborg: Maria Edman - Marlene Sjöberg, Camilla Schelin, Sofia Dammström, Linnea Löving - Johanna Almgren (35 Caroline Broqvist), Rebecca Ljungdahl, Jessica Julin, Lotta Schelin (46 Frida Thydén) - Salina Olsson (46 Pernilla R), My Hjelm
Goals: 1-0 Marlene Sjöberg (10), 2-0 Lotta Schelin (20), 3-0 Lotta Schelin (23), 4-0 My Hjelm (35), 5-0 My Hjelm (60)
Vallen played their second match against Damallsvenskan competition in only a few days. Göteborg, struck by sickness after returning from their Turkey training camp, had to bring in players from their farm team Sandarne to be able have any back-up on the bench. Göteborg lived up to their ambition to practise their attacking game in the beginning of the match, but then seemed to lose interest and pace in the cold wind and rain.
Kopparbergs/Göteborg: Seger mot Vallens IF

Malmö FF - Scotland 2-0 (0-0)
Malmö: Caroline Jönsson - Jenny Engwall, Therese Jönsson, Malin Levenstad, Dora Stefansdottir - Frida Nordin, Johanna Rosén, Therese Sjögran, Lina Nilsson (75 Anna Mörstam) - Therese Lundin, Linda Blom (50 Emma Stålhammar)
Goals: 1-0 Therese Lundin (58), 2-0 Emma Stålhammar (75)
In spite of first half that coach Jörgen Petersson called "mediocre", Malmö managed to defeat Scotland's national team, currently ranked 17 in Europe. "We worked harder in the second half". Comforting news for Malmö was also that 19 year old Malin Levenstad has started to grow into retired Denise Reddy's shoes. The defender acted with great confidence and was her team's best. Scotland, on training camp in southern Sweden, was missing their main star, Arsenal striker Julie Fleeting, who stayed behind with a knee injury. Malmö FF Dam besegrade Skottland
Malmö FF: Malmö FF besegrade Skottlands landslag i brittiskt väder!

Viksjö - Hammarby 3-9
Hammarby: Cattis Wicksell – Elin Härén (46 Therese Dahlberg) , Jossan Christensen, Elin Sölveskog, Annica Svensson – Marijke Callebaut (46 Lisa Björkvik), Jennie Johnsson, Therese Sandström, Lollo Fors – Linda Forsberg (46 Emma Lundh), Jessica Landström:
Goals: 3-1 Linda Forsberg 3 - 1-3, 2-3 och 9-3. 3-2 Linda Forsberg, 3-3 Therese Sandström, 4-3 Therese Sandström, 3-5 Jennie Johnsson, 3-6 Emma Lundh, 3-7 Emma Lundh, 3-8 Lollo Fors, 3-9 Linda Forsberg
In the Stockholm regional competition Victoria Cup, the lower ranked team is awarded as many penalty kicks as the difference between the teams in divisions. The 3rd division club IFK Viksjö managed their advantage well and was 3-0 up as long as 20 minutes in the match. Then Hammarby's superior pace, strength, passing, well everything, paid off.
Hammarby: Seger i Victoria Cup

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