Malin Andersson named assistant coach for Sweden's U21

Former Sweden and Malmö FF veteran Malin Andersson, who finished her career as a player after last season, has been named assistant coach for Sweden's U21 team, re-establishing her cooperation with Marika Domanski Lyfors. Malin says that she took a complete break from football for a couple of months but this new assignment feels very exciting and stimulating. She hopes to be able to share of her experience to the young players.

At the press conference the Swedish U21 squad for a match against France on March 12 was also presented:
Goalkeepers: Kristin Hammarström KIF Örebro, Veronika Svensson Gideonsbergs IF
Defenders: Kathlene Fernström Mallbackens IF, Johanna Frisk Umeå IK, Emma Herbring Jitex BK, Maria Karlsson Kopparberga/Göteborg FC, Anna Paulson Umeå IK
Midfielders:Emma Wilhelmsson Malmö FF, Lena Andersson KIF Örebro, Sofie Andersson Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC, Maria Aronsson Linköpings FC, Madelaine Edlund Sunnanå SK, Nilla Fischer Malmö FF
Forwards: Linda Forsberg Hammarby IF, Emma Jonsson Sunnanå SK, Maria Karlsson Linköpings FC, Alexandra Nilsson Sunnanå SK, Maria Nordbrandt Sunnanå SK

Svensk Fotboll:
"Malla" assisterar Marika
SVT: Malin Andersson blir U21-kapten Malla blir assisterande i U 21-landslaget

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Go Malla

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