Players welcome Olympic Committee fitness demands

Several national team players have commented on the Swedish Olympic Committee's demands for better physical fitness, among them Victoria Svensson and Caroline Seger. They welcome the new tests and agrees with the statement that fitness must be improved if Sweden shall be able to compete with the best. The national team decided already last year that they need to focus more on physical fitness. The test results for the best Swedish players are at the same level as the average for the US team.

Tabloid Aftonbladet publishes an inquiry where the Damallsbvenskan coaches comments on their training schedules. Most teams have 8-10 sessions a week, which probably is as much as humanly possible, since most players are not professionals. Kopparbergs/Göteborg's Martin Pringle, who as a professional player was with Benfica and Charlton, says it's about quality, not quantity. "As a professional player I never had more than one training session a day".

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