Algarve Cup: Another defeat to Germany

Sweden - Germany 0-3 (0-1)
Sweden: Hedvig Lindahl - Frida Östberg, Hanna Marklund, Stina Segerström (43 red-carded), Maria Bergkvist - Anna Sjöström (68 Victoria Svensson), Malin Moström, Therese Sjögren (76 Linda Fagerström), Lotta Schelin (46 Sara Larsson) - Therese Lundin, Hanna Ljungberg (79 Caroline Seger).
A really good Swedish first half - having Marklund, Moström and Ljungberg as starters this time really made a difference - ended with a dubious handball call, which gave Stina Segerström her second yellow and Gernamy a penalty kick. Coach Dennerby opted to keep both forwards, which made the Swedish midfield out-numbered by the Germans. Germany had their usual nice flow in the attack, dominated midfield and had Sweden on the defense most of the time. Coach Dennerby was less than pleased with the referee team, that except for the penalty also gave a lot of unjustified free kicks.

Domartabbe början till det svenska fallet 0-3 för Sverige med tio spelare mot Tyskland

Other matches
The Scandinavian goal draught continued in the Norway - Finland match, that ended 0-0. Lise Klaveness (Umeå) played the last half for Norway, while the Finnish team as usual relied on a lot of Damallsvenskan players; Umeå's Sanna Valkonen and Anne Mäkinen played the whole match, Anna-Kaisa Rantanen (Linköping) the first half, Djurgården's Laura Kalmari was subbed out in the dieing minutes of the match and Minna Mustonen (Bälinge) got 30 second half minutes. Denmark went down big to USA, losing 5-0. Katrine Pedersen and Dorte Dalum Jensen (both Djurgården/Älvsjö) played the full match and were among the few that played both the France and USA matches.


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