Training matches March 1-5

Vasalund/Essinge - Djurgården/Älvsjö  0-7 (0-4)
Djurgården/Älvsjö: Pernilla Ebberyd - Dorte Dalum Jensen, Malin Engdahl, Therese Brogårde, Ann-Marie Norlin (47 Kristin Bengtsson) - Linda Fagerström, Anna Hall, Elin Ekblom - Laura Kalmari, Sofia Simonsson, Sara Thunebro (47 Victoria Svensson)
Goals: 0-1 Sara Thunebro (5), 0-2 Linda Fagerström (11), 0-3 Elin Ekblom (27), 0-4 Dorte Dalum Jensen (37), 0-5 Victoria Svensson (50), 0-6 Victoria Svensson (56), 0-7 Laura Kalmari (67)
The big difference in quality between Djurgården and the 1st division side Vasalund-Essinge made it possible for Djurgården to try out a wide range of attacking combinations, while the defense never really was tested.
Vasalund-Essinge - Djurgården/Älvsjö

******************Jitex Cup***********************************

Newcomers Jitex invited Umeå, Linköping and Göteborg to a two-day tournament. All matches played in sub zero temperatures, but on a snow-free turf.

Jitex - Linköpings FC 0-0 (0-0)
Jitex: Anna Rehnlund - Jenny Ringqvist, Caroline Lindblad, Amelie Rybeck, Linda Fyhr - Therese Andersson, Emma Herbring, Jennie Svensson, Therese Björk - Kajsa Tornfalk, Lisa Christensson
With the somewhat embarrasing 0-2 defeat against 1st division side Falköping last week still in memory, Jitex did much better than expected and matched up good against Linköping, that played their first outdoor game for the season. Linköping couldn't produce a full first team; Ann Westermark has a foot injury and Josefine Öqvist had taken a cough suryp with doping listed ingredients.
Corren: Vilande Öqvist undvek doping

Umeå IK - Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC 3-1 (3-0)
Umeå: Sofia Lundgren - Maria Bergkvist (Emma Berglund), Johanna Frisk, Karolina Westberg, Anna Paulsson - Lise Klaveness, Lisa Dahlkvist (Erika Karlsson), Malin Moström - June Pedersen, Marta, Johanna Andersson
Göteborg: Maria Edman - Camilla Schelin (70 Sofia Plamqvist), Frida Höglund, Maria Nilsson, Maria Karlsson - Lotta Schelin, Frida Thydén (70 Marlene Sjöberg), Johanna Almgren, Rebecca Ljungdahl - Salina olsson (60 Sofia Andersson), My Hjelm
Goals: 1-0 Marta (7), 2-0 Johanna Andersson (13), 3-0 Marta (37), 3-1 Sofie Andersson (80)
Umeå dominated the first half, with Marta scoring or setting up all goals. Lise Klaveness did her debut for her new club in the defensive midfield position, where Anne Mäkinen usually plays. In the second half Göteborg seemed to make their play work better and creating more forward, but Umeå was never in any danger.
Göteborgsposten: Umeå gav Göteborg stora problem

Linköping - Kopparbergs/Göteborg 2-0 (1-0)
Göteborg: Bodil Sjans - Maria Karlsson (45 Camilla Schelin), Sofia Dammström (45 Maria Nilsson), Frida Höglund, Marlene Sjöberg - Lotta Schelin (45 Frida Thydén), Jessica Julin, Johanna Almgren (45 My Hjelm), Sofia Palmqvist - Rebecca Ljungdahl, Sofie Andersson
Goals: 1-0 Caroline Seger (30), 2-0 Lotta Runesson (84)
In a more even contest than the goal figures would suggest, Linköping's Frida Östberg was part of the difference. She played great in midfield and got the assists for both Linköping's goals.
Corren: Östberg bakom LFC:s seger

Umeå IK - Jitex 3-1 (0-1)
Umeå: Sofia Lundgren - Maria Bergkvist, Sanna Valkonen, Karolina Westberg (46 Johanna Frisk), Emma Berglund - Lise Klaveness, Marta, Elaine (70 Lisa Dahlkvist) - Erika Karlsson (46 Johanna Andersson), Hanna Ljungberg, Anna Sjöström
Jitex: Anna Rehnlund - Sophia Lindorsson, Emma Herbring, Caroline Lindblad, Ann Johansson - Therese Bjurenlind, Jennie Svensson, Malin Normelli, Sigrid Olsson - Therese Björk, Katya Salguero
Goals: 0-1 Katya Salguero (7), 1-1 Anna Sjöström (47), 2-1 Hanna Ljungberg (79), 3-1 Maria Bergkvist (87)
Jitex managed to score the first goal of the match on a fast counter, but it was mostly play against one goal. Jitex goalkeeper Anna Rehnlund did great to keep down the figures.


AIK - Djurgården/Älvsjö 1-7 (1-2)
Djurgården/Älvsjö: Bente Nordby - Dorte Dalum Jensen (46 Malin Engdahl), Kristin Bengtsson, Therese Brogårde, Linda Lekander (58 Mimmi Nordlander Andersson) - Katrine Pedersen, Anna Hall, Elin Ekblom (46 Linda Fagerström) - Laura Kalmari (58 Sofia Simonsson), Victoria Svensson, Sara Thunebro.
Goals: 1-1 Sara Thunebro (44), 1-2 Sara Thunebro (45), 1-3 Victoria Svensson (46), 1-4 Mimmi Norlander Andersson (67), 1-5 Victoria Svensson (78), 1-6 Anna Hall (84), 1-7 Victoria Svensson (90).
In what was anything but perfect conditions (click the AIK link for pictures), last years Damallsvenskan side AIK managed to hold Djurgården/Älvsjö back almost the whole first half after taking the lead on a penalty kick. But in the second half Djurgården increased the pressure and showed the difference between the teams.
AIK: En bra halvlek räckte inte
Djurgården/Älvsjö: AIK-Djurgården/Älvsjö

Malmö FF - Brøndby 5-1 (2-1)
Malmö: Caroline Jönsson - Jenny Engwall, Therese Jönsson, Malin Levenstad, Dora Stefansdottir - Frida Nordin, Therese Sjögran, Nilla Fischer, Emma Wilhelmsson (75 Lina Nilsson) - Therese Lundin, Asthildur Helgadottir (60 Linda Blom)
Goals: 1-0 Therese Lundin (4), 2-0 Therese Sjögran (8), 2-1 Lene Jensen (15), 3-1 Asthildur Helgadottir (18), 4-1 Asthildur Helgadottir (21), 5-1 Therese Lundin (65)
Malmö out-played the reigning Danish champions Brøndby, scoring 4 goals in the first 20 minutes. Good passing play and a creative attack that didn't rely on counters was behind Malmö's domination, while there still needs some work to get the new defense in order. You don't replace Malin Andersson and Denise Reddy (500 Damallsvenskan games together) easy. This was also Asthildur Helgadottir's last match for Malmö.
Malmö FF: match report, pictures, more pics, even more
Sydsvenskan: MFF-tränare nöjd efter 5–1

Hammarby - Sporting Club Raisio 7-1 (4-0)
Hammarby: Katarina Wicksell - Therese Dahlberg, Josefin Christensen, Elin Sölveskog, Annica Svensson - Marijke Callebaut, Jennie Jonsson, Therese Sandström (46 Lisa Björkvik), Louise Fors - Linda Forsberg (46 Jessica Landström), Sara Johansson.
Goals: 1-0 Linda Forsberg, 2-0 Marijke Callebaut, 3-0 Louise Fors, 4-0 Linda Forsberg, 5-1 Louise Fors, 6-1 Sara Johansson, 7-1 Louise Fors
Great performance by 17 year old Hammarby starlet Louise Fors against Finland's number 6 Raisio. "She was so good, I moved her down to the defense the last 20 minutes", said Hammarby coach En Perlskog. "She was our best there too." Louise Fors tremålsskytt för Hammarby

Bälinge - QBIK 0-0 (0-0)
Bälinge: Maja Åström - Karolina Mats (Linn Fors), Linda Sembrant, Lina Andersson, Nera Smajic - Heidi Matinlassi, Mikaela Björklund (Mona Najib), Maria Thuré - Anna Bergendal (Madelene Hagberg), Emma Lindqvist, Minna Mustonen
Neither side was really happy with their performance in a match where Bälinge still seemed like the (slightly) better side. Maja Åström and Minna Mustonen both showed that Bälinge had made the right decision to sign them.
Uppsala Nya Tidning: Mållöst för Bälinge mot allsvenska Qbik
Värmlands Folkblad: Qbik vägrar att förlora


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