Asthildur Helgadottir: I might have to quit football

Since February, Malmö FF's star striker Asthildur Helgadottir has taken the three hour flight between Iceland and Malmö 30 times. "And I can't keep on like that, it wears you down", says Asta in a interview with her Malmö local paper Sydsvenskan.

Asta, who is 30 years old, finished her Master of Technology early this year and got a great job with Iceland's leading building consultants, Linuhönnun. Thank's to an understanding employer and a sponsor for the trips back and forth between Iceland and Sweden, she's been able to continue playing for Malmö and is having one of her best seasons ever. "I have to decide about my future now", says Asta. She would like to keep on playing, but in that case needs to do it one a more professional basis. She says Malmö FF is her only alternative: "I've had the best years of my life here".

Asta, who made her debut in the Iceland national team 17 years old and is Iceland's leading player both in matches played and goals scored, studied and played football in Nashville, Tennessee, before she joined Malmö FF.
Asta: Det kan bli så att jag slutar helt


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