Marta out of contract for UEFA Cup semifinal

Umeå's two Brasilians, Marta and Elaine, might not be able to play in Umeå's almost certain UEFA Women's Cup semifinal in the beginning of November. Their contracts with Umeå IK finishes October 31 and they will most probably be with the Brasilian national team to play the South American qualifications for the 2007 World Cup no later than November 5 - the qualification tournament starts November 10 in Argentina.

Umeå's manager Roland Arnqvist says they have talked about extending the contract for the players a week or maybe even two. In the latter case they must rely on the Brasilian FA not calling up the players or, more likely, missing calling them up in time - FIFA rules states the club must get a 14 day notice.

Umeå's UEFA Women's Cup semifinals will be played the 4th and 12th November against the winners in the quarterfinal between FFC Frankfurt and Kolbotn.

Marta kan spela i en eventuell semifinal ­ men saknar kontrakt


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