Nigerian call-up gives Qbik problems

Three Qbik players, Faith Ikidi, Yinka Kudaisi and Maureen Mmadu, has been called up for Nigeria to play in the African Championships from October 28 to November 12. According to the call-up, the players should already have shown up at Nigeria's pre-championship camp. But Qbik recieved the papers from the Nigerian FA October 9th, which is less than the 30 days notice they should have, and refuses to let their players go. The matter has now been put at FIFA's table for a decision.

Qbik's last two matches, one of which is the crucial match against relegation zone competitor Mallbacken, are scheduled for October 22 and 29. Should FIFA decide in Nigeria's favour, Qbik will demand that the matches will be resheduled to a time where the club can use their entire squad. The Swedish FA has commented that it would be very hard to make such an adjustment of the match calendar this late in the season.

Värmlands Folkblad:
Qbikstjärnornas öde kommer att avgöras av Fifa

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2012-05-30 @ 08:38:21

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