No player bonus for World Cup qualification

When Germany qualified for the 2007 Women's World Cup in China, the players were awarded a € 200,000 bonus to be shared according to how much they have played in the qualification matches. No such thing will happen in Sweden.

"We're putting much more money into the women's football programme than to the individual players", says Swedish FA's general secretary Sune Hellströmer. "Only this year we've spent SEK 30 millions". And, unlike the men's side, participating in a World Cup is a financial loss. While a men's side get's SEK 40 millions from FIFA just for qualifying, there are no such contributions on the women's side. "The net cost for the 2003 World Cup was SEK 4 millions", says Hellströmer, "and we don't expect to make any money this time either".

Säkrade VM-platsen - men ingen bonus
Corren: VM – en ren förlustaffär

On a personal note, and women's issues aside, I can't really see that defeating Iceland and Czech republic is something that is above expectations and reason for a bonus. But if we get to see them coming home with any silverware from China, I expect the players to be owerwhelmingly gratified.

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