Transfer rumour mill, Part II

Linköping FC is determined to reinforce their team with "an established, top class player", says sport director Bengt Ekholm. Malmö's Icelandic target player Asthildur Helgadottir seems to be on top of their list. Helgadottir, Damallsvenskan's leading goal scorer so far, comments that she will listen if Linköping wants to talk to her, but that she doesn't want to get too much into discussions about the next season yet. Linköping has besides Helgadottir also notified Malmö FF that they want to talk to Therese Sjögran, who refused a Linköping offer already last year.
Two Linköping key players in the defensive half of the team, Charlotte Rohlin and Finnish international Anna-Kaisa Rantanen, are rumoured to be close to renew their contracts with the club.
LFC vill ha Helgadottir

Local daily Västerbottens Folkblad reports that Umeå IK's tenacious Brasilian midfielder Elaine E Moura, who took off to Argentina for Brasil's World Cup qualifacations yesterday, probably won't get a renewed contract, and the reasons are according to the paper "not entirely football related". Umeå's manager Roland Arnqvist only comments "I don't know if she will be back".
Rumours like this is by the way really frustrating. I can see that Elaine maybe doesn't quite make the cut anymore. She made a great 2005, but this year it has looked a lot like Lisa Dahlqvist is the preffered choice at her position. But what are they implying with that "not just football" thing?
Västerbottens Folkblad: Elaine får inget nytt kontrakt

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