Umeå is courting Linköping's Hedvig Lindahl

Umeå IK's manager today admits that Umeå has contacted national team goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl with the permission from her club Linköping FC. Umeå manager Arnqvist says it is still just talks, no contract has been offered.

Umeå's present starting goalkeeper is another national team player, Sofia Lundgren. She is surprised by her clubs move and thinks it would be a waste to keep two that good goalies in the same club. "But of course it's up to Umeå to decide which players they want", she adds.

Hedvig Lindahl comments that she wants to stay with Linköping, but that she isn't satisfied with the offers from the club so far. "I enjoy it in Linköping and I think we've got something great growing here. But if we can't find an agreement, I'm prepared to look elsewhere." She also feels Umeå's intererst is flattering, "but they've got a great keeper already".

Currently Malmö's Caroline Jönsson has a steady grip on the starting goal-keeper position in the national team with Hedvig Lindahl second and Sofia Lundgren third. Should both Sofia Lundgren and Hedvig Lindahl end up in Umeå, one of them wouldn't get enough playing time to compete for a place on the 2007 World Cup squad.

Umeås stjärnköp hotar VM-succén


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