Field turf farce goes on

Previously: Umeå needed a new field. They decided to go for plastic, making it possible to play for a longer period of the year than between July and September. Field turf wasn't approved for international matches (and seriously, they must have been aware of that, the Umeå people are by no means stupid). Umeå management complained and claimed it was a conspiracy by the southern countries against northern clubs. Some teams chose to play there anyway, others refused. Umeå had to play their UEFA Women's Cup final in Stockholm. Umeå management complained and claimed it was a trick to rob Umeå of their home crowd support.

Then UEFA decided to approve field turf, if it was tested and met a certain standard. Umeå management complained and claimed the field was state of the art and didn't need any testing. On location tests were performed. The turf failed the test. Umeå management complained and claimed it was a conspiracy by the southern countries against northern clubs. Renewed on location tests were performed. The field passed! Umeå not complaining!

UEFA complained and said the lab tests were too old and must be redone. And the rules actually states that a lab test must not be more than 6 months older than the field test, which Umeå should have known, but still... Umeå management complained and threatened to leave UEFA Women's Cup if they weren't allowed to play at home. But they still took a sample and sent in to a the dutch laboratory UEFA assigned.

In today's episode: The dutch laboratory has lost the sample and don't know where to find it! Yes, it's true! Umeå city's arena manager can't believe what he's hearing! Umeå's management is in despair! A test result may not be in time for Umeå to prepare for the home leg in the Women's Cup quarter finals. The tension is building up...

Västerbottenskuriren: Arnqvist: "Vi måste få besked nästa vecka" , Labtestet borttappat

Posted by: Anonym

Actually, Umeå city council decided to get the artificial turf. Umeå IK were dead set against it, but since the arena belongs to the council, there wasn't much to do about it. Yes, UIK are whining something unbelievable about it, and it is laughable, but on the other hand I would like to see similar strict rules for regular turf. As it is now any mud patch will do, no matter how strange ball trajectories may be. It is a double standard built on myths and I can see how you would be pissed off with it when you are try to play football but is denied on arbitrary rules not even finalized until early this year.

2006-09-01 @ 16:23:29
Posted by: Dandal

I know I'm not very good at it, but you do realize I was trying to bring the funny??

Posted by: Anonym

Don't get me wrong... Sarcasm is warranted in this case! I didn't mean to be a party pooper, I just saw a fact I wanted to set straight... :)

2006-09-01 @ 17:44:16
Posted by: jocasta

Don't worry, Dandal, *I* thought it was funny...

2006-09-02 @ 00:23:24
Posted by: hagabo i exil

Lab test approves Gammliavallen.

Hopefully FIFA signs signs the paperwork quickliy, approving the grounds as a FIFA One Star artificial turf, which is what UEFA requires for an eventual Womens' Cup quarter final.

2006-09-08 @ 11:35:09
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