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The first match-day the 2007 season gave us decent crowds and mostly expected winners, maybe except for Göteborg defeating Linköping, the most hyped team in the preseason predictions. Also some complaining over the inability from FIFA, UEFA and the Swedish Football Association to make a coordinated schedule for international games. Several starters were not with their clubs, but playing qualification matches for the 2007 World Cup, 2009 European Championship or 2008 U19 European Championship. Sunnanå and Falköping even rescheduled their would-be season opener, since Falköping was missing their main forward star Linnea Liljegärd while Sunnanå was missing defender Rebecca Smith (with New Zealand playing WWC qualifications) and three Swedish U19 players.

AIK - Djurgården 0 - 3 (0-1)
AIK: Sofia Lundgren - Madelene Göras, Frida Höglund, Sanna Valkonen, Linda Lekander - Lina Hedkvist, Jessica Julin, Freja Egebrant (85 Anna Bohlin), Madeleine Wedin (69 Danielle Wallander) - Sofia Simonsson, Laura Kalmari
Djurgården: Bente Nordby - Sara Thunebro, Therese Brogårde, Jane Törnqvist, Dorte Dalum Jensen - Elin Ekblom, Anna Hall, Linda Forsberg, Annemarie Norlin (73 Anna Lagerberth) - Kicki Bengtsson, Victoria Svensson
Goals: 0-1 Victoria Svensson (40) , 0-2 Victoria Svensson (85), 0-3 Victoria Svensson (90)
Attendance: 1,263
In front of what is a new record home crowd for AIK's ladies, Djurgården showed that they in spite of AIK's ambitious signings still are better on as good as every position. Djurgården had problems getting their game, in particular their attack, to work in the first half, partly due to the alterations in the set-up they had to make, missing forward Emma Lundh (with Sweden U-19) and midfielder Ariane Hingst (with Germany) as they were. But Victoria Svenssonm, who was uncertain before the game, complaining over a sore foot, showed that she still is a world class finisher and Kicki Bengtsson, prepared to play anywhere but in goal, knows how to find her, setting up two of the goals. On the AIK side Laura Kalmari was dangerous, getting a goal disallowed for offside, Sanna Valkonen and Frida Höglund excellent in defense and Sofia Lundgren probably had more work than she usually had in a whole season with Umeå. Somewhat in contrast to the result, AIK was fairly pleased with their performance, the more since it is a new team while Djurgården's Benny Persson excused his team's performance with that it was a season opener. It will get better.
Dagens Nyheter:
Victorias hattrick avgjorde derbyt
Aftonbladet: Hattrick av Svensson i derbyt
TV4: the match clip

Bälinge - The club formerly known as Malmö FF 0 - 1 (0-1)
Bälinge: Veronika Svensson - Petra Valelma, Linda Sembrant, Lina Andersson, Nina Engström - Linda Blom (64 Karolina Mats), Anne Mäkinen, Heidi Matinlassi, Katri Nokso-Koivisto - Sanna Talonen (90 Emma Lindqvist), Annette Kent
The club: Caroline Jönsson - Therese Jönsson, Dora Stefansdottir, Emma Wilhelmsson, Nera Smajic - Frida Nordin, Nilla Fischer, Therese Sjögran, Emma Stålhammar (75 Nanna Johansen) - Asthildur Helgadottir, Therese Lundin (82 Lina Nilsson)
Goals: 0-1 Asthildur Helgadottir (6)
Attendance: 1,420
"It seems like the last day's turbulence in the club got to us at the field", commented a disappointed Malmö coach their narrow win. Malmö dominated the first half, when Bälinge's players seemed to have a big problems finding each other on the field, and Asthildur Helgadottir scored the winner in the penalty box shuffle that followed a Nera Smajic free-kick. Malmö's strong centre midfield with Sjögran and Fischer neutralised Bälinge's Mäkinen most of the time. But in the second half the game turned, with Bälinge pressuring against Malmö's goal. Bälinge's forward duo Talonen and Kent broke through the guest's defense more than once and Malmö's victory was only saved by some great goalkeeping from Caroline Jönsson. In the closing seconds of the match Bälinge's Annette Kent got the ball from Anne Mäkinen in a great position and everyone, including herself, thought it would be a goal. But Jönsson did a great save to tip it from the upper corner and out to a resultless cornerkick for Bälinge. Malmö's coach Pettersson was pleased with his team's attitude in the second half, they didn't play well but they kept fighting, while Bälinge's Zaine Söderlund was disappointed in the result and thought that his side should at least had one point.
Sydsvenskan: Premiärseger för nya klubben
Upsala Nya Tidning: Premiärförlust för Bälinge
TV4: the match clip

Kif Örebro - Hammarby 3 - 2 (2-1)

Örebro: Kristin Hammarström - Caroline Näfver, Ingrid Ericson, Stina Segerström, Sandra Linder - Hodan Siid-Ahmed (64 Emilia Erixon), Lena Andersson, Marie Hammarström, Elin Magnusson - Pavlina Scasna, Hanna Pettersson
Hammarby: Katarin Wicksell - Therese Dahlberg, Annica Svensson, Elin Sölveskog, Anna Lindblom (79 Karolina Rinman) - Malin Nykvist, Jennie Jonsson (73 Lisa Björkvik) - Marijke Callebaut, Therese Sandström, Jessica Landström (73 Josefin Wejner) - Sara Johansson
Goals: 1-0 Elin Magnusson (15), 1-1 Sara Johansson (17), 2-1 Pavlina Scasna (25) , 3-1 Hanna Pettersson (55), 3-2 Marijke Callebaut (64)
Attendance: 965
With a brilliant Pavlina Scasna, Örebro had the necessary edge in the beginning of the match, creating lots of scoring opportunities. The match lost some of it's intensity as the time went, but Marijke Callebaut's direct free-kick in the 64th minute brought the intensity back in the match and the finish was a thrill, with Sara Johansson almost equalising in extratime.
More than anything else, this was Pia Sundhage's farewell match to Kif Ötrebro, and her players did their best to make it a farewell on a high note (literally a high note, as you will be aware if you check out the video clip). A visibly moved Sundhage got a big send-off before going to China for her new job as assistant national team coach.
Nerikes Allehanda: Pia Sundhage: "Det känns så skönt", video clip
Aftonbladet: Pia Sundhage avslutade med seger och solosång

Linköping - Göteborg 1 - 2 (1-1)
Linköping: Maria Cederholm - Marie-Louise Skålberg, Sara Larsson (10 Ann Westermark), Lotta Rohlin, Maria Karlsson - Maja Krantz, Frida Östberg, Caroline Seger - Tiffeny Milbrett, Maria Aronsson, Josefine Öqvist
Göteborg: Maria Edman - Maria Karlsson, Maria Nilsson, Jenny Engwall, Marlene Sjöberg - Emmelie Farfa, Ingvild Stensland, Salina Olsson, Sofie Andersson (76 Lisa Ek) - Lotta Schelin, Sara Lindén (85 Anna Andén)
Goals: 0-1 Lotta Schelin (12), 1-1 Maria Aronsson (16) , 1-2 Lotta Schelin (56)
Attendance: 783
An already from the beginning handicapped Linköping (long-time injury victims Hedvig Lindahl and Anna-Kaisa Rantanen missing) lost another key player when Sara Larsson limped off the pitch after only 10 minutes. The remaining Linköping defense had huge problems with Göteborg's Lotta Schelin and midfielders Stensland and Olsson won the battle with Linköping's Seger. Linköping had several chances to even the score, but both Öqvist and Milbrett missed good opportunities. Göteborg's defense is supposed to be their weakest link, but last minute signee Jenny Engwall, in an unaccustomed centre defense position, helped a lot.
Corren: Förlust i premiären för LFC
Göteborgsposten: Schelin fixade premiärsegern, Jenny hittade rätt direkt
Svt: the match clip

Qbik - Umeå IK 0 - 4 (0-1)
Qbik: Maria Yatrakis - Anna Nilsson, Lisa Mellberg, Jenny Hallstenson, Therése Lückner - Amelie Rybäck, Charlotte Nygren, Elin Ragnvaldsson, Therése Björk - Elin Sandgren, Jennifer Meier
Umeå: Carola Söberg - Maria Bergkvist (70 June Pedersen), Karolina Westberg, Johanna Frisk, Anna Paulson - Marta, Lise Klaveness, Lisa Dahlkvist, Elaine (80 Emelie Konradson) - Madelaine Edlund, Ma Xiaoxu (77 Hanna Ljungberg)
Goals: 0-1 Karolina Westberg (14), 0-2 Ma Xiaoxu (63), 0-3 Lise Klaveness (81), Madeleine Edlund (90)
Attendance: 1,380
Nobody had seriously expected anything else than the safe win for Umeå against favoured for relegation Qbik that it turned out to be. But Qbik were happy with keeping the score down in the first and with their first 20 second half minutes, when they actually were challening Umeå. Umeå, as usual, upped the score in the last minutes of the match when their superior strength and stamina settled the game. In Qbik goalkeeper Maria Yatrakis got most of the praise, but coach Janne Jansson pointed out that "she has to be this good in every match if we're going to avoid relegation". Umeå's Jeglertz was happy with the cooperation between forwards Ma and Edlund and that his defense managed to contain Qbik's counter attacks. And of course that Hanna Ljungberg played in a match for the first time in 5 months.
Värmlands Folkblad: Yatrakis bäst på plan : Man måste ju försöka kriga,
Västerbottens Folkblad: Xiaoxu hittade målet direkt
Svt: the match clip

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