Damallsvenskan round II: Hanna Ljungberg scores again

Umeå's UEFA Women's Cup schedule made it necessary to move their 2nd round match to today, April 15. The remaining 5 matches will be played on Wednesday, April 18.

Umeå - Sunnanå 3 - 0 (2-0)
Umeå: Carola Söberg - Anna Paulson, Karolina Westberg, Johanna Frisk, Maria Bergkvist - Lisa Dahlqvist (70 Emelie Konradsson), Elaine, Lise Klaveness, Marta - Madeleine Edlund (75 Erika Karlsson), Ma Xiaoxu (62 Hanna Ljungberg)
Sunnanå: Åsa Berglund - Sandra Berggren, Hanna Marklund, Sanna Frostevall, Magdalena Esseryd - Kicki Wiklund, Anna Bodén, Carina Holmberg (72 Rebecca Smith), Alexandra Nilsson (46 Maja Johansson) - Lina Johansson (65 Emma Jonsson), Maria Nordbrandt.
Goals: 1-0 Lise Klaveness (26), 2-0 Marta (38 PK), 3-0 Hanna Ljungberg (63)
Attendance: 2,549
The new Umeå hosted local competitors Sunnanå and looked a lot like the old Umeå, brushing off their rivals just like they've been for several years now. The match showed very clearly just how much a key player Marta has become since Malin Moström moved from the pitch to the stands. From her new midfield position she probably won't be scoring so much this year, but all goals today had Marta's sign on them. A perfect ball to Lise Klaveness' forehead made the first goal. Then Hanna Marklund had to use excessive force to stop Marta inside the penalty area, and Marta executed the penalty-kick herself. And finally she served Hanna Ljungberg, just seconds after the Sweden striker entred as a second half substitute, the ball in a can't miss-position.
In spite of Marta's huge impact, Moström and Mäkinen are visibly missing in a midfield, that seems less powerfull than before, in spite of being made up by 4 players instead of 3 last year. Ma Xiaoxu shows promise, but still hasn't gelled in to the team. So when Hanna Ljungberg should get her minutes, it was Ma who had to leave, not her lesser known forward colleague Edlund.
The nice spring weather drew a good crowd to the Gammliavallen arena. One can only hope the conditions will be as good next weekend, when Arsenal LFC will be guesting. And with Marta as good as she is now and Hanna Ljungberg scoring again, the conditions for a good Umeå performance are looking bright.
the match clip
Norran: Sunnanå föll i premiären
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Posted by: jocasta

I would imagine that one of the perks of *not* playing for Umeå (especially if you were on the 03 World Cup squad) is the opportunity to "use excessive force" on Marta every now and then. She flies through the air so beautifully, and rolls so theatrically...

2007-04-16 @ 15:40:31
Posted by: Dandal

.. and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you need to emphasize for the benefit of the referee. Milbrett is really good at this too, I've seen her *walking* in the penalty area, trying to encourage a foul. Deco (Barcelona's and Portugal's midfielder) in an interview once, explained that one of his main tasks on the team was "hold the ball and get fouled", thus creating promising set pieces for his side. In essence, I don't mind a bit of the animated gestures of the big stage, as long as there is any content to interpret.

And Marklund had no complaints over the call "I didn't touch her that much, but I was way off the ball".

Posted by: jocasta

No no, it's all part of the game, no argument there, and some people are better at it than others- I was serious when I said that she does it beautifully. I guess I have still not forgiven Marta for that dive in the box against Sweden in 2003 (and I use the word dive carefully, only when slow-motion replays show that there is no contact whatsoever). Didn't mean to imply there was a dive here.

2007-04-16 @ 17:24:14
Posted by: Dandal

And I was of course not trying to imply that you were.

I just think this "using the rules in your favour" is an interesting subject, well worth a few words. Just as much as I like a defender that knows when it's better to take a red card than letting the attacker get past her/him.

2007-04-16 @ 21:35:20
URL: http://dandal.webblogg.se
Posted by: ae.

Hanna Ljungberg also falls oooh so beautifully :}

2007-04-17 @ 17:26:52
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