Domanski and Sundhage to China

When former Sweden national team coach Marika Domanski Lyfors has signed her contract as head coach for Chinas national team (I'm sure you have followed this elsewhere, if not check out, her first call was to Kif Örebro coach Pia Sundhage. Sundhage, who has had an exception in her contract with Kif Örebro, making it possible for her to leave without notice if she would get an international job offer, was "excited, elated and expectant" and didn't have to think twice before accepting the position as assistanmt coach for China's national team.

Both Domanski and Sundhage has signed 18 month contracts, going over the Olympic games in Beijing next year. Domanski's decision wasn't popular with her employer, the Swedish football association, where she was responsible for the U21/U23 teams and player development. She also should have had an important role to play in the Swedish national teams preparations for the World Cup this fall. But the Swedish FA president Lars-Åke Lagrell commented, just before Domanski made her decision, that "We don't want her to leave, but we will not put up any obstacles if she decides to go".

Sundhage will leave Kif Örebro without a head coach just weeks before the Damallsvenskan season starts, and also take one of her coaches with her, Helena Andersson who is responsible for the team's fitness training. "It's a big loss", the club comments. "Nobody can replace Pia. But we are happy that she has stayed with us as long as she did. We've always been prepared that she could leave for an international job. We just thought that she would go to USA". Kif Örebro's newly elected chairwoman Gerd Engman confessed that her first thought was "Damn! I could have got a better start". The clubs general manager Thomas Rasmusson says that they will look for a new head coach, but will not hurry things. For the while being the remnants of the coaching team will carry on.

Kif Örebro's team captain Stina Segerström says that this will not effect the team. "This team has high ambitions and we will work it out."

Expressen: Blandade känslor när Domanski Lyfors lämnar
Dagens Nyheter: Stolt Domanski Lyfors tar över Kina
Svt: Domanski Lyfors klar för Kina , Sundhage blir Domanskis assisterande
Aftonbladet: Sundhage assisterar i Kina
Nerikes Allehanda: Sundhage lämnar KIF - assisterar i Kina, Stina tänker inte lägga energi på Pias KIF-avhopp, KIF Örebro fortfarande utan tränare
Svt: Kif Örebro utan tränare två veckor före premiären (video)

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