New club name for Malmö FF?

Malmö FF plans to change the club's name. They have summoned an extra general assembly meeting for April 11 with just one item on the agenda: new club name. The chairman and the board are very secretive and don't want to comment on what the proposed new name is or whether this has any connection with a rumoured new big sponsor or not.

Malmö's players were taken by surprise by the news. "We know absolutely nothing. I don't know what to say", said veteran goalkeeper Caroline Jönsson. Most of the players had a hard time understanding that they might not be MFF players for much longer "That is what I am. Anything else would just feel weird." And longtimer and fan favourite Jenny Engwall, who dropped in to say good-bye to her friends before moving to Göteborg, realized the irony in leaving just before the club might niot be Malmö FF anymore: "This better be really good, both the new name and the sponsor. Otherwise I am convinced it will hurt the club."

Just a few days later the man who secured Asthildur Helgadottir to Malmö FF had a press conference. The man is Percy Nilsson, major estate developer and the man behind Malmö's ice-hockey team Malmö Redhawks. He is building a big multipurpose indoor arena in Malmö, mainly to accomodate his hockey team and has employed Asta, a building engineer by education, to work on the project. Asta is happy: "This is what I've studied and this is what I want to do". Percy confessed that he had some problems convincing his staff, "the guys" as he called them, of the sensible in hiring an engineer that would be spend a lot of time away playing football, but refused, just as the club's chairwoman Ingrid Gunnarsson, to answer any questions that wasn't about Asta.

Percy Nilsson is a local tycoon, known for putting huge sums of money into his hockey team. After the unveiling of him as Asta's sponsor, most people suspect he is also at least a substantial part in the new big sponsor. The parallell to Linköping, where Linköping FC cooperates closely with the hockey-club Linköping HC makes him even more likely as the man who will give the club huge lump of money and change their name.

Local newspaper columnist Anja Gatu writes that Percy Nilsson definitely knows how to work the media. He gets great positive publicity to himself and his arena project with the presentation of Asthildur Helgadottir. Whether going in sponsoring Malmö FF and changing their name will benefit him and the club is another story. Malmö FF is a huge brand name and I as well as columnist Gatu asks Malmö FF's men, unlike AIK, doesn't make a big mistake when they appearently are missing out on the opportunity to have top teams both for the men and the women.

MFF Dam byter namn på extra årsmöte, Madsen köper inte tillbaka MFF Dam, Chockade MFF-damer visste ingenting, Percy hjälper MFF Dam - anställer Asta, Handingskraftig Percy stjäl sina egna rubriker

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