New USA league - encouraging and worrying

The news that the second coming of the professional women's league in the USA might be next year (see Women's Soccer Initiative's press release at, has been met by both hopefull and worried comments. A poll made by the major newspaper Svenska Dagbladet during the Algarve Cup suggested that half the national team squad could be tempted to go west.
Göteborg's star player Lotta Schelin doesn't complain over her present situation, but is tempted by the prospect of living in another country and playing in a professional team, where all players can show up for a training session in the middle of the day. "The money isn't that important".
Sweden goalkeeper Caroline Jönsson is a bit more uncertain and doesn't think USA will offer the ideal preparations for the Olympic games next year: "The season will be too short. And we don't know anything about coaches, other players or stadiums yet." She also hopes that the Swedish FA follows this closely. "Right now, Damallsvenskan is the best league in the world and this is where you've got the best conditions for development. The FA might have to make a different committment to be able to compete with an American league."
Pia Sundhage, who was active as a coach in WUSA 2001-2003, welcomes a return but doesn't want to make a clear-cut recommendation for Swedish players to join the league. "There is a lot to consider. I'm sure they will develop the months the league is in play, but what about the rest of the year?" Still, she just like Caroline Jönsson, urges the Swedish clubs and Football Association to prepare themselves. More clubs must reach the same level as Umeå.
Djurgården's newly signed German Ariane Hingst is not interested: "I'll rather play in Sweden. I'm not sure that many players will go over there. If they pay really good wages, the top players might go."
Susanne Erlandsson, vice chairman of the Swedish FA, isn't that worried: "I don't see any mass exodus coming, since they hardly can pay the same wages as they did the last time". The FA's chairman, Lars-Åke Lagrell, thinks a new professional USA league will be positive both for the women's game and for individual players even if it could effect the Swedish league. "We've had some really good players from there playing here, now it might happen that some of our players chose to play in USA."
Svenska Dagbladet: Halva fotbollslandslaget lockas av proffslivet i USA, Pia Sundhage bekymrad
Upsala Nya Tidning: USA-liga utmanar allsvenskan
SVT: USA får damliga i fotboll - igen

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