Dancing with wolves

Team-building is an important part of the national team's preparations for the World Cup. The team's preparation camp is situated close to Sweden's largest wildlife park, where a close encounter with a pack of wolves were the treat of the day. The initial reactions were somewhat hesitating. "I don't want to" said Victoria Svensson, but Frida Östberg broke the ice and thought the wolves were "cute and cuddly".
All in all this national team is considered much more tightly knit than several previous versions. Hanna Ljungberg revealed that the national team has had several strong groups within the team, particulary when the national team was made up almost exclusively by players from the three big clubs (Umeå, Djurgården and Malmö). "The team isn't as divided as it has been", says Hanna and continues "You don't see these same girls always walking together and these always eating together. Everybody is talking to everybody." Sara Johansson means that Thomas Dennerby has a big part in this. "He showed that he is good at this when he was coaching Djurgården/Älvsjö and won the championship already the first year after the two rivaling clubs had merged."
"Jag var vaksam", pictures
Aftonbladet: Harmoni i flocken


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