Transfer rumours: Scasna to Malmö?

Umeå IK's manager Roland Arnqvist, who has expressed keen interest in the Czech star, quickly retreated when he heard the wage demands from Kif Örebro's Pavlina Scasna: "I've never heard anyone demanding that kind of money". Scaring away Umeå from a deal should usually mean that you've placed yourself out of reach for the entire Swedish league. But according to Kif Örebro's head coach Richard Holmlund, who also has offered Scasna really big money, she just wanted Umeå off her back: "She has made up her mind for Malmö. It's much closer to her home and she believes that she can win titles with them." LDB FC Malmö's sport director Kenny Jönsson comments the news with "they seem to know much more about this than we do" and states that the club only makes comments on player transfers when a deal is signed.
Stjärnans bud till UIK var en fint KIF Örebros tränare placerar Scasna i Malmö

Umeå's Roland Arnqvist has presented contract proposals to 15 players for the 2008 season. Maybe half of these contracts could be longer than one year. Umeå IK has today 17 players on their payroll, so it will be interesting to see who the two unlucky ones are. And it looks like head coach Andrée Jeglertz will get an offer too.
Västerbottens Folkblad. ?Vi vill behålla de flesta?

Linköping's and Sweden's goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl has signed a new contract with her club for 2008. "She's an important piece in our team" says manager Anders Mäki, who hopes to be able to sign yet some players before they go to China.
Linköping FC: Hedvig klar för nästa säsong

Hammarby's 19 year old midfielder Josefin Wejner has left the club for division 2 hopefulls Tyresö FF. Wejner has got limited playing-time this season and Stockholm suburb club Tyresö expects to promote to the 1st division. Tyresö värvar allsvenskt igen

And not strictly Damallsvenskan, but almost: Kristianstad DFF, uncontested leader of the 1st division south, 12 points ahead with 8 matches left, and a very probable Damallsvenskan club next year, has signed Iceland's 25 times capped midfielder Erla Arnadottir. Erla, who has played 5 season in Damallsvenskan (Stattena, Sunnanå and Mallbacken) has just returned to Sweden after playing with Jersey Sky Blue in the American W-league. The 8 match deal is looked upon as an extended try-out for both sides. Kristianstad really doesn't need to strengthen their squad this season, but a 2008 damallsvenskan season seems to be approaching.
Kristianstadsbladet: KDFF värvar landslagsstjärna

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