Linköping turns down Oakes, Umeå offers Bachman contract

Linköping FC will not offer trialist Jill Oakes a contract. "She is not what we needs and wants", says sport director Bengt Ekholm.The club explains further that it wouldn't be fair to Oakes to bring her over, when they can't promise her a position as a starter.
Linköping FC is close to sign a deal with Tiffeny Milbrett - "only formalities left" - but is still looking for another top player. And in the wake of Umeå's recent signing of Ma Xiaoxu, a Chinese player might be an alternative.
LFC sa nej till Oakes

After her training only a week with Umeå, the Swedish champions are certain: "We want Ramona Bachman now. She is good enough to compete for a starting position already this spring." The club has presented Bachman a contract offer and hopes to get a reply later this week.
Västerbottenskuriren: Umeå IK vill ha supertalangen


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