Malmö's SEK 21 million plan fails

The SEK 21 million plan to win the Swedish championship and the UEFA Women's Cup, that Malmö FF announced shortly after the end of last season seems to be heading for failure.
"We were in dialouge with six major investors. Three of them are still interested." explains Malmö's treasurer Lars Lanker. "We have to find at least one more or we will have to change our plans."
One of the problems for the women's side of Malmö FF is that the men's side recently walked out of a major sponsor agreement with the marketing giant IMG. They will now have to find SEK 25-30 millions a year to finance their new stadium, which will hurt Malmö FF Dam in their sponsor negotiations. "Many companies doesn't realize that we are two different organizations" says chairman Ingrid Gunnarsson.
Still Malmö FF will have a bigger budget for 2007 than last year, when the main goal was to regain financial stability and thus avoiding relegation.
Satsningen spricker för MFF Dam


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