The student becomes the teacher

When Umeå IK this weekend takes the trip to Norwegian Trondheim Ørn, they are picking up the cooperation the two clubs had in the late 1990's, but maybe now in different roles. "We learned a lot from Ørn" says Umeå manager Roland Arnqvist, "especially in our football development".
When they first met in Trondheim 1999, Umeå lost 8-1 and 11-2. Things have changed since then. The two times UEFA Cup winner is gearing up for their fourth UEFA Cup final later this year and is recognized as one of the best clubs in the world. Their budget is about three times as big as Trondheim's and when Umeå plays the home leg of the UEFA Cup final against Arsenal, Trondheim wiill be visiting Umeå to see and learn.
Verdens beste får Ørn-hjelp Ørn møter Umeå

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