Training matches: Hammarby defeats Djurgården

The teams are slowly getting out on the big fields for their first preseason matches.  Malmö FF's early February première was this wekend followed by the Stockholm sides AIK, Djurgården/Älvsjö and Hammarby and in the far north Sunnanå found their way to the indoor but full size pitch at Arcushallen. Some comforting and some slightly worrying results for the clubs, but this is still early days.

AIK - Gamla Upsala SK  4 - 0 (0-0)
AIK: Jenny Lundqvist - Anna Karlsson (34 Jessica Julin), Madeleine Wedin, Camilla Ulander Nilsson, Hanna Jöhnk - Lina Hedkvist, Laura Kalmari, Sanna Valkonen, Anna Törnvall - Freja Egebrant, Sofia Simonsson
Goals: 1-0 Lina Hedkvist (52), 2-0 Camilla Ulander Nilsson (58), 3-0 Freja Egebrant (76), 4-0 Lina Hedkvist (79)
Gamla Upsala SK, or Gusk as they are usually known as, is a 2nd division club that finished last season winning promotion to the 1st. This is still a side that even last years, unloaded version of AIK should have had no problems with. A bit worrying then, that the re-loaded AIK was held goalless for the entire first half. There were more luck in front of goal in the second half with Laura Kalmari (curiously put in the midfield) setting up two of the goals and it ended in a comfortable win. Sofia Lundgren was called up for the Swedish national team, but otherwise all AIK's high profile signings participated.
Komfortabel seger i första träningsmatchen Flygande start för AIK

Malmö FF - Östers IF 7 - 2 (5-2)
Malmö: Stéphanie Öhrström - Therese Jönsson (Jenny Engwall), Malin Levenstad (Lina Rehov), Emma Wilhelmsson, Nera Smajic (Emelie Ölander) - Frida Nordin (Emma Stålhammar), Nilla Fischer (Cecilia Kotte), Therese Sjögran (Dóra Stefánsdóttir), Nanna Johansen - Therese Lundin (Louise Östman), Manon Melis
Goals: 1-0 Nanna Johansen (15), 2-2 Manon Melis (22), 3-2 Therese Lundin (28), 4-2 Frida Nordin (37), 5-2 Manon Melis (39), 6-2 Louise Östman (51), 7-2 Louise Östman (67)
After a chaotic start for Malmö with missed passes, bad communication and an own goal, they were down 1-2 against the 1st division club Öster after 20 minutes. But they worked themselves back and had according to coach Petersson "30 minutes of brilliant football". Even after the extensive substitutions in halftime, when the four players that would join the national team camp at Cyprus left the field, Malmö continued to dominate. The two new for the year forwards Melis and Östman scored their first goals for the team. Caroline Jönsson rested and Stéphanie Öhrström, usually with Malmö's local competitors Husie IF, tended the goal, which might indicate that she will fill the back-up position for Linköping bound Jenny Olsson.
Malmö FF: Storseger och stundtals värmande spel, pictures, more pictures
Sydsvenskan: Målexplosion av MFF-damer

Alvik - Sunnanå SK  1 - 3 (0-2)
Goals: 0-1 Lisa Renberg, 0-2 Jenny Marklund, 1-3 Emma Jonsson
Alvik, relegated from 1st division after last season, hosted as usual a winter mini-tournament in Arcushallen.
With some minor injuries (Maria Nordbrandt, Sanna Frostevall and Mirjam Marklund) as well as several players going to or coming from national team duties (Hanna Marklund for Sweden, Rebecca Smith for New Zealand and Maggie Esseryd for the Lappish national team), Sunnanå fielded a mostly Sörböle (Sunnanå's farm club) team, but were still pretty comfortable. Goalscorers Lisa Renberg and Jenny Marklund are both new signings for 2007.
Norra Västerbotten: Premiärvinst för Sunnanå

Sunnanå - Grand Bodø 2 - 1 (2-1)
1-0 Lina Johansson, 2-1 Rebecca Smith
In their second match this weekend Sunnanå played Norwegian premier division side Grand Bodø. Sunnanå still fielded a pretty young team, but Rebecca Smith was now deemed fit enough after her transglobal journey and scored the deciding goal. Coach Isaksson was all in all very pleased with his team's performance, especially with some of his young new recruits like Lisa Renberg and Josefin Johansson.
Norra Västerbotten: Sunnanå styrde, ställde och vann

Hammarby - Djurgården/Älvsjö 2 - 1 (1-0)
Hammarby: Katarina Wicksell - Annica Svensson, Elin Sölveskog, Karolina Rinman, Josefin Christensen - Jennie Jonsson, Malin Nykvist - Therese Sandström, Lollo Fors, Marijke Callebaut - Lisa Björkvik
Djurgården: Sofia Åhman - Dorte Dalum Jensen, Jane Törnqvist, Therese Brogårde, Malin Engdahl (46 Anna Lagerberth) - Kristin Bengtsson, Anna Hall, Linda Forsberg, Anne-Marie Norlin - Emma Lundh, Elin Ekblom
Goals: 1-0 Louise Fors, 1-1 Dorte Dalum Jensen, 2-1 Therese Sandström
A decimated Djurgården, missing their national team players Bente Nordby, Sara Thunebro and Victoria Svensson, had to call in players fron the farm club Älvsjö AIK to fill the bench. The club still only has 15 players contracted for 2007. Hammarby on the other hand only sems to be missing Sara Johansson (rehabbing after a stress fracture late last season) and tried out their new 4-2-3-1 formation, where I suppose the forward 1 is for Sara when she returns. Djurgården had, as so often when these two meet, the ball most of the time, but Hammarby's 4-2 in the defense made it difficult for Djurgården to break through. In Hammarby's attack Louise Fors made it difficult for Djurgården's defense and close to the halftime break she created a penalty for herself to kick in goal. Dorte Dalum equalised in the middle of the second half, assisted by Elin Ekblom but Therese Sandström could give Hammarby a not undeserved win on a longshot with 10 minutes left. Hammarby's new coach Anders Bengtsson was not surpring very pleased, singling out Annica Svensson and Louise Fors for special praise, while Djurgården was more quiet about the match.
Djurgården/Älvsjö: Mål av Dorte räckte inte
Hammarby: Hammarby sänkte Djurgården/Älvsjö

Posted by: jocasta

I see DIF/Ä is up to their old sandbagging tricks again, lulling the rest of Damallsvenskan into a false sense of security by losing meaningless games early...

2007-02-14 @ 00:29:32
Posted by: Dandal

Yeah, whatever you say ...

Posted by: jocasta

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

2007-02-14 @ 00:42:17
Posted by: hagabo_i_exil

On you'll find an interview with Dennerby where he claims that Elin Ekblom was on her way to truly establish herself in the NT when she quit international play. Kind of kills my theory, but interesting, still.

2007-02-14 @ 10:50:36
Posted by: jocasta

Did he say why she quit? Couldn't find the interview. Couldn't understand it even if I did. Any resemblance between me and the kids on your t-bana line are purely accidental.

2007-02-15 @ 23:53:04
Posted by: hagabo i exil

Nope. No reason. I think she just said Global Fussball Nicht OK and quit the NT.

2007-02-19 @ 13:10:10
Posted by: jocasta

Well, I just hope the national team won't be singing "Global Fussball... Was ist das?" without her.

2007-02-21 @ 00:02:38
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