Umeå Södra breaks cooperation agreement with Umeå IK

Umeå Södra FF has decided to put an end to their year-long cooperation agreement with Umeå IK. The agreement made it, among other things, possible forUmeå players to be loaned out to the 1st division side on short notice. Umeå IK wanted to continue the cooperation, but Umeå Södra made the decision after Umeå IK announced a new youth programme, targeted at young local talents. "If we are going to be able to compete for talent with Umeå IK, we must be able to offer them the chance to play in the 1st team", Umeå Södra's Robert Jonsson says.
Umeå Södra bryter samarbetet med UIK

Contrary to the situation in Umeå, Bälinge has signed an agreement with 1st division side Gideonsberg. Gideonsberg's starting keeper Veronika Svensson signed up as back-up keeper with Bälinge (behind Maja Åström), but is still assured some time as a starter with her old club as the agreement makes short time loans possible.
Upsala Nya Tidning: Svensson klar för Bälinge

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