Hedvig Lindahl injured

Sweden and Linköping goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl suffered a knee injury during training this week. Further examination is needed before it is known how severe the injury is, but Hedvig's mention of "a cracking sound in the knee" sounds ominous. A verdict is expected on Monday.
Linköping's sport director Bengt Ekholm reveals that he is already looking for a replacement if it comes to the worst, but "there are maybe eight or nine keepers in the world as good as Hedvig". He is looking both in Sweden and abroad.
EDIT: Yes, the young American prodigy Danesha Adams is mentioned in the Corren article, but obviously not as a contender for the goal-keeping spot. Corren writes that an unnamed US player will join Linköping next week for a try-out, and Adams has been mentioned. Sport director Ekholm only says that he's heard the name, but that she's not being persued by the club at the moment.
Ny målvakt sökes - i hela världen
TV4: Skadade Lindahl på sträckbänken (video)


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