Damallsvenskan summer break

Damallsvenskan is now on a three week break, matches will resume the first weekend in August. While most players, coaches and offices will be on vacation, some are playing elsewhere:

Pan American Games
The Pan American Games in Rio, Brazil, features a women's football competition with Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Jamaica, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and a U20 selection from the United States. Umeå's Marta and Elaine both played in Brazil's 5-0 win over Jamaica, Marta scoring on a penalty kick. If I remember correctly, this was Marta's first match for Brazil since the Olympic Games 2004. The match was Brazil's second in the group. The first, played before the Umeå players had arrived, was also a win, 4-0 over Uruguay. The group games will finish July 20, and will be followed by semifinals July 23 and a final the 26th.
XV Pan American Games Rio 2007

All Africa Games
Perpetua Nkwocha (Sunnanå) and Cynthia Uwak (Falköping) both plays for Nigeria in the 9th All Africa Games in Algeria. Nigeria has so far played a 2-2 draw with South Africa and defeated Ethiopia 3-0, which qualifies them for the semifinals. The other competing teams are Ghana, Algeria and Senegal. Semis are scheduled for July 18 and the final the 22nd.

U23 Nordic Cup
The open Nordic Championships for U23 teams takes place in Finland between July 18 and 24, this time a 6 team tournament. Finland, Norway and Sweden are joined by England, Germany and USA. Besides the players in the Swedish team, that was announced a couple of days ago, Umeå's June Pedersen will play for Norway.

Two international friendlies with possible (I haven't seen any roster announced yet) Damallsvenskan appearences will be played during the league break. Holland plays North Korea in Volendam July 29th and Malmö's Manon Melis is usually a starter for Holland. Germany and Denmark has scheduled a friendly July 29 in Magdeburg, Germany. We should see Djurgården's Ariane Hingst and Dorte Dalum Jensen playing against each other and might also see Malmö's Nanna Johansen.

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