Dennerby release 30 player preliminary WWC squad

- "It's a mix of old and new, lots of experience but also youthful enthusiasm", characterized Thomas Dennerby his 30 player squad, that will be cut down to 21 before taking the trip to China. Biggest surprise: Kristin Bengtsson, who retired from the national team after the World Cup qualifier against Portugal in November 2005.

Kristin Hammarström (Örebro), Hedvig Lindahl (Linköping), Sofia Lundgren (AIK), Carola Söberg (Umeå).
Kristin Bengtsson (Djurgården), Maria Bergkvist (Umeå), Sara Larsson (Linköping), Hanna Marklund (Sunnanå), Anna Paulsson (Umeå), Charlotte Rohlin (Linköping), Stina Segerström (Örebro), Marlene Sjöberg (Kopparbergs/Göteborg), Sara Thunebro (Djurgården), Jane Törnqvist (Djurgården), Karolina Westberg (Umeå), Frida Östberg (Linköping)
Midfielders and forwards:
Maria Aronsson (Linköping), Madelaine Edlund (Umeå), Nilla Fischer (Malmö), Sara Johansson (Hammarby), Linda Forsberg (Djurgården), Hanna Ljungberg (Umeå), Therese Lundin (Malmö), Maria Nordbrandt (Sunnanå), Frida Nordin (Malmö), Salina Olsson (Kopparbergs/Göteborg), Lotta Schelin (Kopparbergs/Göteborg), Caroline Seger (Linköping), Therese Sjögran (Malmö), Victoria Svensson (Djurgården)
Första truppen till fotbolls-VM presenterad
Svensk Fotboll: Dennerbys 30-trupp lämnad till FIFA

Posted by: Anonym

i'm crossing my fingers for bengtsson and törnqvist! oldies=goodies

2007-07-31 @ 22:09:39
Posted by: Anonym

There's a lot of defenders there, are Bengtsson and Tornqvist really needed?!

2007-07-31 @ 23:44:38
Posted by: drew

törnqvist deserves to go.
she has played so fantastic all year.
and bengtsson...she is the most consistant player in the league.
you can always count on her.
she makes you feel safe.
please...take them.

2007-08-01 @ 11:00:04
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