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Malin Moström will go to China. She makes the journey as part of her extra job as an expert for Svenska Spel, the leading Swedish gambling company. She will serve as host for Svenska Spel costumers who has won tickets to the WWC in China and write match analysis.
Moström klar för VM i Kina

Another former World Cup player, Malin Swedberg (bronze winner 1991), will also go. She has for several years worked as a football commentator with Sweden's public service broadcaster Svt, but now transfers to the main competitor TV4: "I want to do more women's football and TV4 has the broadcasting rights for the World Cup".
Aftonbladet: TV 4 värvar ny SVT-profil

Göteborg's Lotta Schelin has signed an according to media reports "very lucurative" 4 year shoe deal with Puma, leaving her previous attachment to Nike. Lotta has been able to make a living from football for the last two years, but the Puma deal, reportedly the biggest sponsor deal ever for a Swedish female footballer, makes it much easier for her to continue her committment. "She feels perfect for us", says Puma representative Fredrika Schlasberg, "She is like Fredrik Ljungberg, but in women's football". Does that mean we will get to see her in her underwear on billboards?
Expressen: "Hon är som Ljungberg"

Bälinge's general manager Conny Sjöberg explains the reason why they had to let star midfielder Kacey White go to AIK: "We couldn't afford to keep her". Initially White was contracted for June and July, but when she, missing out on USA's World Cup squad, decided she wanted to spend the rest of the season in Sweden, Bälinge didn't have the money to compete with AIK.
Upsala Nya Tidning:  Kacey White lämnar Bälinge

Malin Moström and Djurgården winger Elin Ekblom got married. No, not with each other.

Posted by: orange

For about 3 minutes, I was yelling with joy that Malin was actually going to play with the team - until I actually read the whole post what a cruel, tricky title, dandal! >:[

2007-07-29 @ 17:43:54
Posted by: drew

that would have been great, great, great...what a dream to have malin with...

2007-08-01 @ 14:22:49
Posted by: Woolrich

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