Moström retires again

Malin Moström's return to Umeå IK opened for a flood of speculation on her future, including a possible World Cup aoppearence. National team coach Thomas Dennerby even had a talk with her. But when Malin now finished her short time contract with Umeå, playing three of the five matches, she stressed that "this is it. I know what it takes to play a World Cup ... When I decided to quit [last december] I felt it was the right thing to do and I still think so". Umeå's manager Roland Arnqvist commented that the deal was that Malin should help out the team for two weeks and it is now fullfilled: "If she would come tomorrow or next week and say that she wants to play, I would be really happy. You don't turn down someone like Malin, but we won't try to persuade her."
Moström: Nu är det slut

And anyways, she's gonna get married to her long-time ice-hockey playing boyfriend Jesper Jäger in July.
Expressen: Moströms nya fullträff


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