European Championship Qualifications: Two times 7-0

Romania - Sweden 0 - 7 (0-5)
Sweden: Caroline Jönsson - Anna Paulson, Hanna Marklund, Charlotte Rohlin, Frida Östberg - Caroline Seger (69 Frida Nordin), Nilla Fischer - Therese Sjögran (69 Linda Forsberg) - Lotta Schelin, Victoria Svensson (79 Therese Lundin), Josefine Öqvist
Goals: 0-1 Victoria Svensson (6), 0-2 Therese Sjögran (14), 0-3 Victoria Svensson (25), 0-4 Victoria Svensson (35), 0-5 Victoria Svensson (38), 0-6 Victoria Svensson (69), 0-7 Lotta Schelin (77)

Sweden - Hungary 7 - 0 (3-0)
Sweden: Caroline Jönsson - Sara Larsson, Hanna Marklund (46 Karolina Westberg), Stina Segerström, Sara Thunebro - Caroline Seger, Therese Sjögran (62 Therese Lundin) - Hanna Ljungberg (11 Nilla Fischer) - Lotta Schelin, Victoria Svensson, Josefine Öqvist
Goals: 1-0 Victoria Svensson (12), 2-0 Hanna Marklund (16), 3-0 Therese Sjögran (22), 4-0 Stina Segerström (52), 5-0 Victoria Svensson (86), 6-0 Stina Segerström (88), 7-0 Therese Lundin (90 +1)
Attendance: 5,223

Sweden played two qualification matches for the 2009 European Championships and won, as expected, both of them. Not much more to say about that. Romania and Hungary are teams way below Sweden's quality and anything but lots of goals scored and none conceded would have been very worrying.
Victoria Svensson's five goals against Romania is a Swedish national team all-time best. She has shown great form lately both for Djurgården and for Sweden. Just hoping she manages to conserve it until September.
Hanna Ljungberg's longed for national team come-back lasted 7 minutes. The injury this time was a rupture in a left calf muscle and back to rehab for 4-6 weeks was the verdict. The national team physician Per Lindblom commented that Hanna is in a vicious circle now - the risk getting injured is never higher than when you're just coming back from injury.
Three of the goals against Hungary were made by defenders - they really didn't have much else to do. "This was the weirdest match I've played", commented Hanna Marklund, who spent more time on Hungary's half than on her own.
match clip Romania , Ljungberg training before Hungary , match clip Hungary

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