L8 worth SEK 70 millions

Göteborg's and Sweden's star forward Lotta Schelin has, as earlier mentioned here, tattooed her L8 signature to her right forearm. Tabloid Expressen talked to the brand analyst Jan Källman, who said that Lotta and her brand name could be worth as much as SEK 70 millions. Lotta is one of Sweden's most successfull and talked about athletes ansd active in a global sport. "It takes personality, charisma and a good name to be successfull in developing a brand name", Källman said and predicted that if Lotta manages to stay in focus for 10 more years, the marketing value could be SEK 70 millions. Lotta Schelin's reaction: "Oh, shit! It would be nice to see that money some day".
L8 värd 70 miljoner (yes, there is a picture of the tattoo).


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