Nkwocha showing up and other transfer related news

Nigeria's Perpetua Nkwocha arrived in Skellefteå, Sunnanå's home town, yesterday. She says she's happy to be there and that she sees her Swedish excursion as a way to prepare for the World Cup in September. She should be able to play July 1, when the transfer window opens, but there are some problems with the Nigerian FA that might delay the neccesary paper-work. "It's been hard for the Swedish FA to get in touch with their counter-parts in Nigeria, but that will hopefully be solved in the next few days", said Sunnanå's chairman Sören Gustafsson.
Västerbottens Folkblad:
Stjärnan har landat

Hammarby's new Swiss goalie Kathrin Lehmann arrived at the club a few days ago. She is happy with the club and teammates, but a bit curious to the artificial turf at Hammarby's Kanalplan: "I've never played on that before, so I have to adapt". Lehmann will not be registred to play for Hammarby until July 1.
Hammarby: Nyförvärvet Kathrin är på plats

Djurgården's Bente Nordby tells Norwegian newspaper Oppland Arbeiderblad, that she will return to Norway after she has completed her two year contract with Djurgården in December this year. She has completed a coaching education and hopes to be responsible for the goalkeepers in the younger orwegian national teams. She has not decided if she will quit playing altogether or if she will finish her goalkeeping career in Norway.
Oppland Arbeiderblad: Bente kommer "hjem"

On the other hand, Umeå's Lise Klaveness advertises for the Swedish league in interview with Norwegian public service broadcaster NRK: "The level in Sweden is a step higher than in Norway. They've got both better top teams and better bottom teams. .. Our best players are at least as good as the Swedish, so they are of course very attractive for the Swedish clubs". Norway's top scorer Melissa Wiik says she finds Swedish football exciting while national team coach Bjarne Berntsen understands that more Norwegian players will get offers, but hopes they will stay in Norway: "We need our profile players at home".
NRK: Attraktive i Sverige


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