Number 6 is back!

Malin Moström is back in jersey number 6. Umeå, hurt by injuries to Johanna Frisk and Hanna Ljungberg and with defender Maria Bergqvist suspended for tomorrow's match against Qbik, has signed the legendary midfielder on a short time contract (16 days and 5 matches). "Since it was all right with my employer, it wasn't a hard decision. This feels both fun and exciting and I will do what I can to help my club out", comments Malin in a press release. Umeå's coach Andrée Jeglertz is happy to get Malin back and says that this is the best that could happen to the injury-stricken club: "Malin shows what a big heart for the club she has".
Dagens Nyheter:
Malin Moström gör comeback
Västerbottens Folkblad: Moström gör comeback

Posted by: Sara

Everyone should be excited about this!!
Maybe she will love it so much that she will decide to leave her job and come back to us.

2007-06-27 @ 14:25:22
Posted by: Nic

I wonder if Jeglertz can persuade Anna Sjostrom to re-join too?
Oh we can dream... LOL

2007-06-28 @ 00:51:19
Posted by: Dandal

Actually, he did try to persuade Sjöa, but she wanted to go on her vacation. But according to Jeglertz she said he could ask again "if it is really, really important".

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