Algarve Cup: Confident Swedish win over Finland

Sweden - Finland 3 - 0 (2-0)
Sweden: Sofia Lundgren - Anna Paulson, Frida Östberg, Charlotte Rohlin, Sara Thunebro (65 Marlene Sjöberg) - Caroline Seger (65 Salina Olsson), Therese Sjögran (75 Therese Lundin), Nilla Fischer - Lotta Schelin (79 Sara Johansson), Victoria Svensson (75 Maria Aronsson), Josefine Öqvist (79 Frida Nordin).
Goals: 1-0 Therese Sjögran (22), 2-0 Victoria Svensson (34), 3-0 Frida Nordin (90+1)
Sweden were unchallenged by a young Finnish team (missing Mäkinen, Valkonen and Kalmari) and won a comfortable victory. Coach Dennerby was as a whole satisfied, more with the first half than the second, and the players seems to get more used to the new 4-2-1-3 system. Therese Sjögran in the offensive midfield position did a good job holdning and distributing the ball, and also scored 1-0 with a great looking goal from the edge of the area. "We keep nagging on her to shoot more" said Dennerby. Sjögran has yet not 10 goals in over 100 national team matches. "I've always been looking for a good pass first, but I've been working on my goal shoot for a while now".
Vicrotia Svensson seemed to like her target player position in the centre of the thre player forward line, both scored and created much of Sweden's chances. Öqvist had a better day than Schelin this time, but both are happy with attacking on the outsides.
Bad news: Sweden created 12 corner shots, but not a single one even developed to anything remotely dangerous for the Finnish defense
Good news: the improvised back-line (Marklund called in sick the same morning) worked fine and Rohlin's debut was immaculate, but she was on the other hand not really tested either.
Sjögran passar även som målskytt
Göteborgsposten: Sverige övertygade mot Finland, Schelin trivdes på sin kant
Svt: Klar svensk seger över Finland (video)
Corren: Lyckad debut av Rohlin
Svensk Fotboll: Klara 3-0 mot Finland

Posted by: Anonym

Whoah! We beat Finland! But wait a minute... They have the same weird season as we do, so what'll happen when we meet teams who are mid season already?! Death and maybem, I tell you! At our expense...

2007-03-08 @ 17:27:54
Posted by: jocasta

thanks much for the video links. those were some good goals-- all well-earned, and the first and third quite pretty as well.

is china "in season?" I know nothing about their club play. the US, is of course, more or less seasonless.

2007-03-09 @ 00:17:20
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