Umeå lost SEK 1,7 millions 2006

Umeå IK's financial report for 2006 shows a SEK 1,7 million loss. The big drop in match attendance - from a 3,271 average in 2005 to 1,685 in 2006 - accounts for about SEK 1 million of the defecit. Higher wage expenditure, both for players and staff, and less earnings in connection with TV-matches also contributed to the big loss. Umeå still has money in the bank (approximately SEK 900,000), but they can't afford another year like that.
"We will turn this around" says manager Roland Arnqvist and points to a lower wage budget as several older, high-earning players have left and been replaced by younger, cheaper ones. It also seems like they will get at least three home games televised (against Hammarby, Linköping and Malmö), compared to only one last year.
Västerbottens Folkblad:
Umeå IK:s damer gick back med 1,7 miljoner

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