Debutant Landström shines as Sweden defeats Denmark

Brilliant football evening. My boys from Helsingborg, led by the incommensurable Larsson, defeated Galatasaray in the UEFA Cup while I was watching my Swedish girls taking the first important step toward the Olympic Games in China, clearly defeating Denmark on their home ground in the first of the two qualification matches. Good times!

Denmark - Sweden 2 - 4 (1-1)
Sweden: Hedvig Lindahl (Linköping) - Anna Paulson (Umeå), Hanna Marklund (Sunnanå), Karolina Westberg (Umeå), Frida Östberg (Linköping) - Nilla Fischer (Malmö) [64 Frida Nordin (Malmö)], Therese Sjögran (Malmö), Victoria Svensson (Djurgården), Caroline Seger (Linköping) - Lotta Schelin (Göteborg), Jessica Landström (Hammarby) [80 Hanna Ljungberg (Umeå)]
Goals: 0-1 Jessica Landström (31), 1-1 Cathrine Paaske Sørensen (32), 1-2 Lotta Schelin (46), 1-3 Caroline Seger (48), 1-4 Lotta Schelin (64), 2-4 Maiken Pape (73 PK)
Attendance: 4,011
Denmark opened strong with much better passing and movement than the Swedish side on the wet and windy pitch. A Swedish side that might have been weighted by the predictions of imminent doom for Swedish women's football if the team don't qualify for the 2008 Olympics, that Swedish media had been handing out freely the last days. Sweden didn't manage to create anything really promising until debutant Jessica Landström scored after 30 minutes, smartly converting a rebound from the Danish keeper, who couldn't hold on to a heavy shot from Therese Sjögran. But Denmark immideately hit back as Cathrine Paaske Sørensen scored on a header - the headers that the Swedish side feared the most. It looked nervous at halftime, it was a draw by all means, but the Danish side seemed to have the upper hand. But almost direct after the second half kick-off the picture changed. Lotta Schelin was gifted the ball by the Danish defense and scored followed Caroline Seger making it 3-1 only minutes later with a great volley shot on a Sjögran pass. Sweden now played tight and aggressive, always close at the back of the Danish players as soon as they got the ball, breaking passes and regaining possession. Besides some set pieces the Danish didn't manage to threaten Sweden's goal from inside the box and the long shots were off target. Lotta Schelin made it 1-4 as she chipped a long ball over Denmark's Heidi Johansen in goal. Denmark then got a rather easy penalty from what looked like a dive by Pape and made it 2-4. Denmark tried hard to get at least another goal, but Sweden played experienced and just waited out the match.
Svensk Fotboll:
4-2 mot Danmark ett stor steg mot OS
Dagens Nyheter: Svensk storseger i OS-kvalet , pictures
SVT: match clip

As those of you who follow Swedish media or the ever excellent already knows, this match finally was broadcasted on the webb by Sweden's main daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter. Originally Danish TV2 had the broadcasting rights and planned to cover the match. They changed their minds and Swedish TV4, that had planned to buy the pictures from TV2, gave up the idea to send the match. Swedish players, among them Caroline Seger and Therese Sjögran, protested loudly. "I can understand if they don't send an away match in Bulgaria, but this match is important". Finally, Sweden's major daily, Dagens Nyheter, bought the broadcasting rights from TV2 and did a webcast of the match. "Barefoot TV", as they called it themselves, with only one camera, but of course a great alternative to not getting the match at all.
Dagens Nyheter: sänder Sveriges OS-kval

And Larsson rules!

Posted by: C2

Can you update us on some other players? I just read something that looks like Helgadottir has retired 'Karriären över för Asta'-- and that Frieda Ostberg might be retiring??

2007-11-09 @ 05:33:55
Posted by: Dandal

I'm on my way. I've just been very busy this week.

Posted by: Anonym

Nice to see the Swede's scoring and the goals coming from different players and areas. I watched the match via the Net and have no idea what the penalty was for; Frida barely touched her. Seger's goal was fantastic; pick of the bunch, Lotta with a brace - nice to see, and good debut for Jessica getting a goal :)

2007-11-09 @ 12:09:25
Posted by: secretcode

busy at work? how dare you have a life outside your webblogg.

2007-11-09 @ 16:35:20
Posted by: jocasta

Agree with the poster who says it's nice to see several people scoring, and of course I'm happy any time Schelin does something positive for the nationals. Thanks for the in-depth description of this game, and let's hope they can keep it up. And good on Larsson and Helsingborg-- that's really cool.

Don't worry, Dandal, as soon as I win a billion $ in the lottery, this blog will be your full-time, handsomely-compensated job. Any day now...

2007-11-09 @ 22:52:42
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