Marta and the money

Marta tells local media that she is happy that the contract negotiations are finished. "It feels good to be able to go home to my family without having to think about or talk about a new contract". She confirms that there was a substantial offer (US$ 7 millions for 7 years has been rumoured) from a USA party, but that was never a viable option for her: "They wanted me over there already next year, but there is no professional league in USA. [...] It is the Olympics next year and the most important for me is to play in a good team in a good league and that means Sweden". But she emphasizes that the contract only is for one year. If the prospected USA professional league starts in 2009, it will be an alternative. "I think it is good for women's football if the league starts, it is good for the players to get more alternatives in the future, so I can see myself playing there".
Västerbottens Folkblad:
Marta valde Umeå ? och kompisarna
Västerbottenskuriren: "Skönt att det är klart"

Marta's contract gives her a monthly salary at SEK 100,000, at least according to the anonymous sources "with good insight in the club", that tabloid Expressen refers to. The contract starts in February and should reach over November, so that is 10 months, which gives us the nice round figure of SEK 1 million a year. This should be, still according to unconfirmed rumours, almost twice as much as she gets in her current contract.
Expressen: Dubblar sin lön från 50 000 kronor till 100 0000

Marta is of course in a league of her own, but she is not the only one to make good money. Elin Ekblom, regular guest on TV4's Monday morning show, commented that the growing difference in salary between foreign stars (Hingst and Angerer were mentioned) and Swedish players can become a problem. She stressed that she had no problems with the money Marta got - she is worth it, but meant that it is important for the clubs to raise the wage floor. The average salary in Damallsvenskan was about SEK 50,000 a year last season with many players getting significantly less.

The details in player contracts are almost never made public, so it is not easy to get any hard data here. But if a player pays taxes in Sweden, you can get some information from the players tax returns. For the tabloids this is always selling news and they usually publicize different compilation of celebrities earnings. This is Expressen's list for sport stars earnings 2005: These figures should be used with caution. It is not how much the player made, it's how much she paid taxes for, after deductions. It is not what the club paid her, it's all incomes that the player pays taxes for in Sweden. The figures here relates to incomes earned 2005. The amount of money the clubs paid for player wages doubled in 2006, so there is a good chance that a player is making significantly more money today than she did 2005. If you don't want to look through 6 pages of small print, here's some highlights:
Victoria Svensson, Djurgården, SEK 342,900
Sofia Lundgren, AIK, SEK 157,200
Sanna Valkonen, AIK, SEK 223,100
Sara Johansson, Hammarby, SEK 165,400
Caroline Jönsson, Malmö, SEK 175,600
Therese Sjögran, Malmö, SEK 298,200
Nilla Fischer, Malmö, SEK 187,200
Hanna Marklund, Sunnanå, SEK 329,100
Anne Mäkinen, Umeå, SEK 310,300
Karolina Westberg, Umeå, SEK 204,100
Hanna Ljungberg, Umeå, SEK 276,100
Marta Da Silva, Umeå, SEK 488,400
Lotta Schelin, Göteborg, SEK 286,500
Hedvig Lindahl, Linköping, SEK 300,800
Frida Östberg, Linköping, SEK 252,500
Josefine Öqvist, Linköping, SEK 301,500
Caroline Seger, Linköping, SEK 175,400

Posted by: Annika

Interesting topic... I didn't really think it was as "much" as 50,000, but it feels good, though, even if I understand that some players got less.

Do you know anything about salaries in other countries? Do Sweden have the highest salaries?

Posted by: C2

Do foreign players always get more than Swedish players? Because I see that Sanna Valkonen, AIK got more than Sofia Lundgren and Mäkinen (even though I am sure she is a top pick), then at UIK, got more than Hanna Ljungberg at UIK.

2007-11-06 @ 16:23:19
Posted by: Anonym

Mäkinen is also a foreigh player. Players get what they negotiate, it's easier to have a domestic player work part time, although Umeå Södra (in Damallsvenskan next year) has the Brazilian Marina Toscano Aggio working part time.

2007-11-07 @ 10:39:47
Posted by: Anonym

What percentage of tax do people pay in Sweden? What are the income boundries per tax percentage?

2007-11-11 @ 22:06:37
Posted by: Dandal

Very crude description: you don't pay any income tax for the first 16,000 a year. You pay local tax, varies from town to town but typically 30-35 %. State tax doesn't kick an until somewhere around 300,000 a year. It is progressive, so at 1,000,000 a year you are paying approx 25 % state tax.

2007-11-12 @ 01:00:28
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