AIK confirms Mäkinen signing

Anne Mäkinen has signed a two year contract with an option for a third year with Stockholm side AIK. In a message at AIK's website Peter Johansson says he is happy to be able to tie one of Damallsvenskan's best midfielders to the club.
The 31 year old has played two years with Umeå and one year at Bälinge since she came to Sweden 2005. AIK has some really good and experienced players on the squad this season, among them Mäkinen's Finnish countrywomen Julin and Valkonen, but just barely avoiding relegation has been a disappointment for the club. It is still unclear which players will stay with the club 2008. Valkonen has been mentioned in connection with Örebro.
Anne Mäkinen till AIK

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