Carola Söberg re-signs with Umeå

Goalkeeper Carola Söberg has signed a new one year deal with Umeå IK. Even if she's had more competition for the starting position than expected, and her failure to establish herself as an undisputed first choice was probably what cost her a spot in the Swedish World Cup team, she says it was a very easy decision: "I like both the team and the town a lot and I think it's good for my development to have to compete for the starting position".


Umeå, that so far has 10 players signed for the 2008 season, will now continue their discussions with Lise Klaveness, Elaine and Erika Karlsson. They are also looking to add players to the club. They will try to add some young local talents. One of them seems to be Emma Åberg Zingmark, a Sweden U-16 midfielder from the local club Ersboda. "I'm sure she will be a premier league player" comments Umeå's coach Andrée Jeglertz, "She might be it already next year, but we're in no hurry". Another local talent, just promoted Umeå Södra's star player Hanna Folkesson, will probably not join, in spite of Umeå IK showing interest. The 19 year old midfielder, that has been contacted by several other Damallsvenskan sides, hasn't made up her mind yet, but admits that she is guaranteed a lot of playing time if she stays with Södra.

Manager Arnqvist is also looking for a couple of players that are good enough to make the whole team better, but not too many: "We want a team with players the fans can connect to", but adds that Marta after four years is just as much an Umeå player as anyone else. Arnqvist hopes to have his team together within a month, but doesn't mantion any of the big names they are looking at. But rumours mention Denmark's Cathrine Paaske Sörensen and Brazil's Daniela.

Västerbottenskuriren: UIK jagar nyförvärv till truppen, Nöjd Söberg blir kvar i UIK, Södras stjärnskott: "I Södra vet jag att jag får speltid i allsvenskan"
Västerbottens Folkblad: Söberg fortsätter i UIK, Emma vill spela i UIK

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